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how to survive pregnancy in style
(and without maternity clothes)

dress :: rolla coster // hat :: cc // necklace :: freckles & company (@ march's vintage whites market) // bracelets :: rue 21 // earrings :: c/o confused arts // black leather wristband :: c/o salvage west // sunglasses :: juicy couture // purse :: francesca's // sandals :: gap

The Boy bought me a set of hair chalk at Salt Lake Comic Con last month, and I've been having fun turning my hair different colors on an almost daily basis. As a big fan of neutral colors (particularly black and gray), I like the idea of my "pop of color" being in my hair. Also, it's fun to make my hair match my awesome Skullcandy x Urban Decay headphones.

surviving pregnancy in style & without maternity clothes
While it's true that my pregnancy didn't start showing until somewhere around month 7 or 8, I was definitely gaining weight prior to that - it just took a while to display as a proper baby bump. As I made my way through my denim collection, progressively becoming unable to button nearly every pair I own, I still managed to avoid donning a single piece of maternity wear - even in a fitting room. Sure, there are some cute maternity clothing lines out there, but it seems silly (and wasteful) to invest money in something that has such a clear expiration date stamped on it. Instead (much to The Boy's eternal frustration), I purchased a number of other items to accommodate my expanding waist, hips and bust as Kumquat filled out.

#1) maxi dresses
I developed a mild obsession with maxi dresses a couple summers ago, so I had a fairly healthy collection of wispy silhouettes heading into the second and third trimesters of pregnancy - but that collection has probably tripled over the last few months (TJ Maxx & I have become close friends). Comfy maxi dresses have become my daily uniform, particularly in bright colors (like today's) or fun patterns (like yesterday's). Solid numbers in particular are easy to accessorize, and most can be easily dressed up or down.

Look for soft, flowy shapes with a bit of spandex and high, stretchy waistbands that will forgive any areas of expansion as your pregnancy progresses. Cool details (like the crossover/cut out back that gives a glimpse of my tattoo on today's dress and the graphic color blocking & halter neckline on yesterday's dress) add an extra layer of awesome to your look. Pair with tights for winter, sandals for summer and cardigans for those in-between times we occasionally encounter here in Utah.

#2) stretchy leggings
I've never really understood the appeal of leggings - until my six or seventh month of pregnancy (and I will never, ever take my skinny jeans for granted ever again). While I'm still a passionate proponent of the "leggings are not pants" movement, I have to admit that they are damn comfy and convenient for those days when I really just wanted to wear pants. I scored several pairs in a variety of hues at a darling little boutique in PC called Whimsy, made winter-wearable by virtue of the fact that they are lined with fleece. Next on my wish list: a pretty floral pair for spring & summer (my pregnancy isn't over yet!).

Remember - even in pregnancy, leggings are not pants, so wear with a blouse or dress long enough to cover your bottom. Match your shoe for a super leggy look.

#3) printed trousers
For those days that I really want to feel trendy, I snagged a few pairs of flagrantly printed trousers that have saved my sartorial self on more than one occasion. While the more vibrantly hued contraptions can be hard to wear in late pregnancy without looking like a rainbow balloon, darker shades or graphic black and white patterns remain a viable option, particularly if paired with a tighter top that highlights your baby watermelon. Most have elastic waistbands and a soft, breezy touch that makes them feel more like pajamas than actual pants. Try this pair by Mossimo, at Target for just $20 (just remember to avoid loose tops with loose pants, or you will look like a balloon).

#4) long, loose tunics
Perfect for matching with the above-mentioned leggings, billowy tunics have the added benefit of camouflaging your burgeoning baby bump (up to a point, at least). Add some ankle boots and something studded for some low-maintenance edge, with some smoky eyeliner for those rare Friday nights you make it out of the house to DD for your other, non-pregnant friends.

Bear in mind that there is a difference between 'billowy' and flat out 'baggy'. A loose-fitting top should be balanced by closely-fitted bottoms (like leggings) and a (small!) measure of skin, like bare shoulders & arms or a sliver of cleavage. Keep it classy, ladies - you're about to be a mom, after all.

#5) old navy flip flops & canvas vans
Aside from the constant, persistent, never-ending need to pee, my primary pregnancy complaint has been my feet - they started swelling about a month ago and haven't stopped. I sort of feel like I'm wearing giant cement boots of pain. Since I'm desperately hoping they'll return to their original size post-birth, I've been trying to avoid buying new shoes... but since even my trusty flip flops cause me to wince, I succumbed to the allure of a pair of leopard print canvas Vans (I justify it by telling myself I'll wear them plenty post-pregnancy, when carting around a kid demands flat shoes). Since the weather turned warm, I cheered my wardrobe up with a number of brightly colored (and cheaply priced, at $2.50 a pop) Old Navy flip flops. The trendy hues, including coral and aqua, almost make up for being unable to wear prettier shoes. Almost.

The most important thing I've learned about pregnancy style is that comfort is key, but you don't have to sacrifice your sartorial sense of self for the sake of ease. Fun patterns, bright colors, cool accents and awesome accessories can add layers of sophistication and interest to any easy-going look.

Any moms out there who'd like to add their two cents on surviving pregnancy in style? Sound off in the comments.

And P.S. We have an appointment with the OB this afternoon, so check back tomorrow morning for another Baby Kumquat update!

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