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the answer is 42

1. Eat good food.
2. Drink good wine.
3. Have more sex.
4. Get to know some fabulous people.
5. Spend more time with the fabulous people I already know.
6. Keep it in perspective.
7. Spend some time at a Buddhist monastery.
8. Go ice skating in Central Park.
9. Watch the the sunset in Santorini, in the village of Oia.
10. Camp on a beach.
11. Random road trips. Lots of them.
12. Open my own business.
13. Try again after my first business fails miserably.
14. Travel. Anywhere. Everywhere. Often.
15. Adopt.
16. Give back.
17. Live in a foreign country. Or two or three.
18. Climb a mountain.
19. Love my life - every exciting, thrilling, dull, boring, terrifying, horrifying, agonizing, beautiful moment of it.
20. Learn to let it go.
21. Be kind - not so that people will walk all over me, but so that they won't want to.
22. Join the Peace Corps.
23. Get a PhD.
24. Make peace.
25. Write, every day, every word, every dream, every feeling, however fleeting. Write like no one is reading. Write to remember. Write to forget. Write to let it go and write to keep it in. Write until my heart bleeds all over the pages and the words run together and one moment becomes indistinguishable from the next. Write, because no one will ever be me again[and I'm damn well worth remembering].
26. See the good in people. Avoid the bad.
27. Connect.
28. Explore.
29. ShockAweInspire.
30. Try. Fail. Try again. Repeat as necessary until successful.
31. Don't panic.
32. Swim against the current. Don't drown.
33. Learn to be whole again.
34. Learn to admit my mistakes. Embrace them as a part of who I am, but not as the definition of who I am.
35. Jump.
36. Submit.
37. Stop. Breathe. Be.
38. (Never) Tell you. One day.
39. Change a life.
40. Save the world.
41. Become the person I aspire to be.
42. And learn to be okay with open doors.

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