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baby bump @ 39 weeks + kumquat update

dress :: monteau // sandals :: gap // earrings :: old navy // silver chevron cuff :: threadsence // black leather cuff :: c/o salvage west // aviators :: juicy couture // hat :: cc // headphones :: the electric knockout design - skullcandy x urban decay (read the review here)
amazing hair by Dani at Lunatic Fringe in PC; check out my previous ode to her mad skills here

I finally found the time (read: the motivation) to get out and take some final baby bump photos; since little Kumquat's official due date is this upcoming Saturday, I figured it might be my last chance - plus, I kind of love this dress. It's simultaneously easy going and glamorous and hands down one of the most comfortable things I own. I also really love how the color blocking accentuates my now (finally) gigantic baby bump - the bump that was basically non-existent until Month 7, and seems to have grown exponentially over the last few days in particular... possibly due to Kumquat's recent (& passionate) affinity for those little powdered Hostess donuts. #pregnancycravings

Quick update on Baby Kumquat's status: As of our most recent OB appointment (last Wednesday), I was dilated to 2.5 cm, and she's all snuggled down in my pelvis in the correct position, ready to pop on out (the doctor could literally touch her head at our 36 week cervical exam - creepy). I'm not in active labor (as evidenced by the fact that I'm not in the hospital) but I've been having regular, mild contractions for the last few weeks. The doctor said that I have "an amazing birthing pelvis" (thanks?) and that Kumquat could come any time - tonight, or three weeks from now. Her dad is pushing for now (he was literally trying to push her out of there over the weekend); I'd rather she stay put for a bit longer. I originally thought she'd be early, but now I'm thinking we'll have a June baby (that could be wishful thinking).

She's kicking me ask I type this (probably because I just poked her), and she was playing with her dad this morning as we lay in bed (it's crazy how intensely she responds to his voice already). As excited as I am about having my body back soon, it will be strange to be alone in here again. It will be odd to not have a little one kicking around in my tummy, a constant reminder that I'm not just me any more. She's not out yet, but already I'm beginning to understand the truth behind the assertion that having a child is like a piece of your heart existing outside your body, and I think that's why I so much want her to stay in there. She's safe. I know where she is, and no one can take her away from me. I know that's selfish - I know her dad is anxious to meet her, and he already loves her so much that sometimes it breaks me in two. But all of my fears about labor and childbirth and post-birth and motherhood in general aside, the idea of her being anywhere but with me scares the hell out of me.

Or maybe I'm just petrified of the idea of pushing a human being out of my vagina.

Edit: With only a week to go, I've still got quite a bit left on my baby bucket list, but here's a quick update of the items I've recently crossed off--

#5) Sleep 15 hours straight.
#7) Stay out late with some awesome friends.
#10) Watch every single episode of Law & Order: SVU.
#11) Throw a party.
#12) Land a few contract gigs.
#15) Buy something pretty (non-baby related).
#20) Write a book.
#29) Go somewhere I've never been before (a new restaurant counts!).
#31) Get a massage.
#37) Finish something.
#39) Design & create some badass accessories.
#41) Be honest.
#44) Spend some time with my niece and nephew.
#49) Help someone.
#54) Check out this year's Vintage White's Market.
#56) Take a long hot bath.
#57) Get a pedicure.
#59) Check out a new restaurant.
#60) Go see a movie.
#65) Go 24 hours without eating any candy.
#68) Wear something red.
#83) Say I love you.
#85) Own up to a mistake.
#86) Admit my fears.
#101) Pick a name for Baby Kumquat.

See the original post here.

Check back tomorrow for my third trimester pregnancy style guide, with tips on how to survive pregnancy without maternity clothes (assuming, you know, that I don't have a baby by then).

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