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My most recent obsession was started by an advertisement I found in the January issue of Glamour (I even featured the ad on my inspiration board), and it's causing me serious issues.

Joe's 55 Color Jeans are gorgeous, and I'd do just about anything for a pair of their skinny fit in coated rose, jet black and/or coated teal. They are even on my spring wish list, but they're $169 each... I've definitely never paid that much for an item of clothing, but I am seriously considering it for these jeans. Unless, of course, I have a generous benefactor out there who might be willing to buy them for me...? Cuz that would just be swell...

Joe's Jeans: The Skinny in Coated Teal, $169 via
Joe's Jeans: The Skinny in Coated Rose, $169 via

The teal ones I'd pair with my black button down, black blazer, a skinny belt and some chunky heels; the rose pair would be matched up with my white button down, black moto jacket and flat boots or black pumps; and the jet black ones would go perfectly with a white tuxedo blazer (or maybe that pink one from NastyGal I mentioned previously...), an oversize black slub tank and black pumps. The more I think about it, the more miserable I am that I don't have a pair of these beauties in my dresser already.

Joes Jeans Skinny Fit in Jet Black, $169 via
Miami Vice Blazer in Pink, $88 via
T by Alexander Wang Classic Muscle T-shirt, $80 via 
YSL Tribute Tattoo Leather Pumps, $795 via

I'd also like to take a brief moment to discuss something that's become an epidemic in the fashion blogosphere: follow me commenting. This refers to someone who visits as many blogs, profiles, etc, and leaves a comment similar to: "Love your blog! Follow me!". Sometimes they'll throw in a reference to a photo in the post to personalize it, but it's usually pretty obvious that they didn't read the post, and that they're just using your blog/profile/post/photo/whatever to try to gain exposure for their own blog. I will admit that I got caught up this mentality - for about thirty seconds. After that, I realized just how low this tactic really is. I find it to be disingenuous, dishonest, rude, self-centered, and aggravating. When I comment on someone else's work, I always try to take the time to make it meaningful and thoughtful. It doesn't take hours to compose a comment like this, but it does take a little more effort than copy-pasting the same comment into a hundred posts. The payoff, however, is always bigger and better for that one thoughtful comment than the hundred follow me's that were left sprinkled around the internet. Building a successful fashion blog is about cultivating real relationships with other bloggers, with your readers, with communities, and yes, with companies and retailers. If you want/expect your blog to turn into a career, you're going to have to put some work into it! /rant

Back to my post...

I wanted to get up and accomplish something today; I feel like I spend all weekend, every weekend, on the internet, blogging and browsing, but I'm just not feeling fantastic today. My throat hurts, I'm exhausted, and I'm cranky. I don't think I'm sick, just massively sleep deprived (as usual), and I need to get some rest before the return of the work week, early mornings and late nights. I was stuck at least an hour late at work every night last week, and I expect that trend to continue well into this next one. Unless someone wants to come help me with my filing...?

P.S. I'm a size 28, regular length...

P.P.S. Hooray for my 50th post!!!


Unknown said...

You should add a donate button so if there were some people out there that were willing to help the cause ;-)

jbooth said...

Lol, I should! Thanks for the brilliant suggestion! Hmmm..... :P

LoveCharlesVintage said...

ugghh yeah, I've been looking for high waisted skinny black jeans and I saw some of these at macys but I can't even consider spending half of my rent on a pair of pants. I went ahead and DIY'd some 80s pants instead haha. Perfect skinny high waisted color jeans! I am gonna do a tutorial today too cause its super easy.

LoveCharlesVintage said...


...just kidding.

jbooth said...

Nice!!! I'm looking forward to it :) One of my goals this year is to make some of my own clothes, so I will have to give it a shot when you have your tutorial up.

jbooth said...

Lol... Dork! :P

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