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ufw spring 2016, part 2:
the up & coming designers show

Okay, so editing those photos took a bit longer than I thought. But finally - full photos from Thursday night's Up & Coming Designers show! Check back over the next few days for photos from the other three shows.

The Up & Coming Show of UFW Spring 2016 kicked off the public portion of the week’s festivities with a bang, showing 12 designers in a single evening – almost twice as many designers as any of the other events. Although this extended line up made for a longer run time, and while this venue was smaller but just as packed as the other shows, the diversity in the designers’ presentations made this show well worth the hunt for parking. More about the show + photos of each collection after the jump ---->

utah fashion week
spring 2016

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(left to right) back: Blakely, @eloiseandme; Keara, @modest_style; Jill, @hotpinkstyle55; Sandy, @sandyalamode; Lauryn, @lauryncakes; me, @momandkumquat
front: Emily, @modestgoddess_; Kristin, @kristinrosedavis
my dress :: temperley london (get it here + check back later this week for more outfit details & inspiration)

"Fashion forward" may not be the term most people would use to describe our state, but they've clearly never been to Utah Fashion Week.

toddler tuesday + $200 starbucks giveaway

kumquat's snow day look-- red puffer coat :: zara baby // leggings, tee :: gymboree // frozen sneakers :: payless

So, last week's snow dump put a pause on our museum plans - I may know how to drive in bad weather, but I try to avoid it if I can. Instead, Kumquat and I took Annie the Beagle out to play in the snow for an afternoon. It may have been cold, but at least we didn't have to pay for admission.

We're also putting a hold on our link up party plans, and bringing you a fabulous Starbucks giveaway this week instead (because EVERY parent needs more caffeine!). Check out the details after the jump, and swing back by next Tuesday for our first official Toddler Tuesday link up party.

the [un]official park city visitor's guide + sundance survival guide, part 2:
warm yet stylish outfit inspiration

Now that you're prepped for the wintry roads you're sure to encounter here in Park City (if not, check out this post to brush up on your winter driving basics), it's time to start packing your bags. The festival starts on Thursday, and with all the celebs and reporters flocking about, what you wear is almost as important as what films you see.

Unless you're a celebrity or a high-powered film exec, Sundance pretty much consists of waiting in line outside, in the cold (potentially for hours), followed by several more hours of being stuffed into a crowded theatre with everyone you just stood in line with - which makes dressing for the occasion a bit trickier than the music festivals of summer. The most popular winter style tip seems to be "layers, layers, layers" - but what happens to all those layers once you get inside?

The proposition of de-layering and then lugging those layers around an indoor venue probably isn't very appealing (unless you're that crazy person that enjoys carting six different bags around to store your multitudes of stuff). The fact is, Sundance veterans can be easily separated from Park City-newbies based on wardrobe alone: locals and film festival veterans understand the importance of warm-but-stylish ensembles and the incredible value of a chic-but-low-heeled boot, while those new to our climate can be spotted timidly walking Bambi-like in five inch heels and mini skirts through the snow. I frequently hear the phrases "fashion over function" and "beauty is pain" from these wannabe fashionistas, but as someone who spends half the year knee-deep in snow, I firmly believe that it is possible to warm and stylish at the same time.

Don't believe me? Check out these looks from some of my favorite Utah bloggers for proof, plus tips for planning your own Sundance-worthy wardrobe, after the jump:

the unofficial park city visitor's guide + sundance survival guide, part 1:
7 dos & don'ts for driving in a blizzard

Circle J Club Resort, Park City, Utah / photo by © Jennifer Booth

We’re already creeping up on the end of January, and here in Park City that means the Sundance Film Festival is fast approaching. Each year, film enthusiasts from all over the world flood our tiny town to watch, relax, eat, shop and party – and over the next week, I’ll give you the inside scoop on all the best places in town to do those things in the Unofficial Visitor's Guide to Park City + Surviving the Sundance Film Festival.

Although I’ve never been to any official Sundance events, the area-wide circus it creates does play a huge role in my life every year – and the traffic in particular is a nightmare. Combine the crazed winter weather with the vast amounts of people that are crammed into a relatively small mountain space (people who may or may not have experience driving in winter weather), and things can get pretty hairy. Even with minimal traffic, driving on our snow-packed streets can be downright terrifying - even the best drivers can freeze up, which spells doom on an icy road at 70 miles an hour. With that in mind, I've collected some tips for surviving roads that can turn scary when the snow starts to fly.

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