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top blogger: Shelby of Caged in Clothes

I hope you are all as excited as I am for the first edition of Top Blogger, because we're starting off with a bang!

This week's hottest up and comer is Shelby of Caged in Clothes, a fashion and style blogger from Missouri. I especially admire her unique use of props and interesting, gorgeous photos. At age 17, Shelby is already very passionate about fashion and knows what she wants in her life and from her career - which is where her blog comes in. Shelby is an aspring fashion journalist, and a talent like hers is going to shine when she finally achieves her dream of moving to NYC. Get to know a bit about her, then hop over to Caged In Clothes to get the latest on her take on fashion.

first, the basics:
1] Name: Shelby Bilbruck of Caged In Clothes
2] Age: 17
3] Hometown: (Residing From) Missouri
4] Where are you blogging from: Home
5] Day job: School
6] Zodiac Sign/Birthday: Cancer/July 18, 1994
7] Chictopia: shelbylugal

the 4-1-1 on your blog:
Why did you start blogging?
I actually started blogging because I was interested in makeup and started a makeup blog. It was a passion that I decided to let the world know about, even though it ended being a huge bust. I edited my photos way to much, usually ending the picture with chunky, fake looking makeup I produced through my photo editing system GIMP. I finally quit blogging about it because it was to much of a hassle and I figured out that what I really loved most in life was fashion. Just having the ability to make an impression on people before you speak a single word is amazing to me and I wanted to make an impression on people I didn't know, so I made Caged In Clothes so people would know me and my fashion style and hopefully be inspired by me and the pictures on my blog.

When was your blog established?
I started my blog last August. Hopefully I'll be able to have a year anniversary giveaway! 

What do you feel your blog brings to the table that makes it unique? What is it about you and your blog that makes you stand out?
I love showing off my personal fashion but so do thousands of others bloggers. If they don't have at least one bold feature about them that make them stand out in the sea of others, they drown and so does their blog. That was me at the beginning of my blogging journey, but I finally found unique quality a couple of months ago... Lips. Yes, I just said lips. I did a patriotic photo shoot and made my lips into a flag and everyone loved it. Since then, I do something unique with my lips, maybe not as extravagant as a flag, but I've made them bright blue and even ombre'd them. It always coincides with my outfit and post so it doesn't take away, but adds to it.

tell us more about yourself:
What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
Courageous, High-Spirited, and Shopaholic

Outside of blogging, what are your passions and hobbies?
I LOVE to write. I seriously can't get enough of it. I want to write a book one day (actually, I've already started it) so I am constantly writing and reading the dictionary to try to improve my skills. I know I sound kind of like a nerd, but it's true! If I'm not typing at my computer, I'm writing it down on a piece of paper. If I have no paper, I'm typing on notes on my Ipod. And if my Ipod is dead... I'll probably cry a little. Fact of the matter being that writing is a true passion and hobby of mine. 

What are some of your long term goals? What do you want to be when you grow up?
I currently live in a small town in Missouri. Although I love it here, the fashion inspiration is a little on the failing side, therefore, a goal of mine is to move to none other that New York, New York. I've wanted to move there since I started blogging. The fashion is outrageously unique up there and it always seems to be one (or three!) steps ahead of the rest of America. I also want to move there because many fashion magazine's headquarters are located there and I would love to be a fashion journalist. Having everyone read about what is coming in style from my eyes would really be a dream come true!

your thoughts on blogging in general:
In your opinion, what separates a blog from the pack? Other than giveaways and contests, what makes you actually click follow on a new blog?
I think the quality and creativity of the content. If they have amazing paragraphs with details of upcoming trends and who was spotted wearing what, but then when they post self-style photos and they're blurry or the wrong lighting, it really takes away. The same goes for the reciprocal. If the photos are beautiful, but all the caption says is "Me in what I wore today. Peace out til the next post," it leaves me wondering what inspired the outfit, why they chose that location and simliar questions. A perfect balance between the two makes me want to come again. If I click on your link, I want to be impressed, make me want to be a follower.

Who are some of your favorite blogger icons?
LINA TESCH. My gosh, this girl is amazing. She is beautiful, an amazing blogger, talented (she is also a gifted photographer) and she is not afraid to take risks. She is everything that I hope to be in a blogger one day.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their blog? What's something you wish you had known before you hit publish on that first post?
Begin with a goal AND a plan. Figure out what you want the blog to look like and what you want to blog about BEFORE even thinking of hitting that publish button. And what do you even want from this blog? Are you in it for just making money? Or are you actually passionate about what you are going to blog about? If you are thinking money, just stop right now. My goal is to get my name out there and share what I love. I've accomplished both! People have seen my blog and many opportunities, such as writing for a magazine and meeting fashion designers, have already opened up in only half a year of having Caged in Clothes.

fashion & style
The fashion world has been buzzing with spring trends since January, and now we're starting to transition into summer. What are some of your favorite trends during this transition?
Well, I love the neons. It seemed as though there was a little hint of the neons early Spring, but now a neon bomb has exploded into fashion. Yes there are still pastels, but who doesn't want a neon blue or hot pink sheer shirt right now? Sheer. Another trend that is most definitely making an entrance. With a guaranteed heat wave arising this summer season, no one will want to have a shirt on, and with sheer, it's almost like you don't. These two summer trends will be the ones to say "Hello. I'm wearing neon and sheer, I'm in style, as you can clearly see," for anyone who wears them.

How do you plan to transition your wardrobe from spring to summer? What are the key pieces in your wardrobe that we'll be seeing a lot of on your blog for the next month or two?
Well, I am a broke chick so it's more of what I'll be doing to my current wardrobe to give it a new look. DIY will help me with that. I've already taken some of my blue jeans and cut them into shorts since colored shorts are definitely in style at the moment. I also plan to sew lace on the pockets since that trend can be seen on most everyone I look at. I'm also looking for some cheap fishtail or asymmetrical skirts or dresses since they are definitely the most beautiful trend I've caught so far.

Describe your style in ten words or less:
Ever-changing, that's the only word to describe it.

word association
I'm going to name some trends - you tell me the very first word that comes to mind when you think of that trend.

Pastels: Florals
Litas: Jeffrey Campbell
Neon: Body Con Skirts (And the sun) 
Flatforms: Platforms
Florals: My grandmother's Couch (It's a nice floral print)
Color blocking: Shoes
Printed trousers: Gimme 
Colored denim: Mint (Color of colored demin I passionately want!)
Cropped trousers: Risky

let's play pretend
You've hit the fashion jackpot, and get to live in designer clothes for the rest of your life - but just one designer. Who would you live and die in? Prada, Gucci, Chanel, D&G, McQueen, someone else?
Most definitely Betsey Johnson! Her clothes have this touch of Pizazz I couldn't ever live without (Hence why I pick her) Her bad a** style is always accompanied with a girly twist. Plus, her dresses bring tears of joy to my eyes! They are either super frilly and girly like her Tea Party Dress or the exact oppostite. I'd also have an outfit for every occasion as she can make anything from cute sundresses to party dresses to wedding dresses!

You have ten minutes to pack for your week long dream vacation. Where are you going and what do you take? Oh, btw - your wardrobe is being provided for you, you just have to pick it out. Write a vivid description, provide some links, or create a collage of the items you’d wear while having the time of your life.
I would most definitely go to the Amalfi Coast, Italy. It's beautiful there and I would have a reason to look good and wear a swimsuit!

photo via

Amongst the thousands of style bloggers across the fashion globe, Shelby clearly has a unique, fresh voice that is sure to be heard the world over by the time she's through. Get to know her now, and one day you'll be able to say you know a true fashion industry talent.

Check out Caged In Clothes for Shelby's take on all things fashion and style, and swing by her Chictopia profile to see her latest looks.

Think you have what it takes to be next week's top blogger? click here to get the deets and apply!


blue roses said...

interesting, always fun to hear about a new young writer's perspective.... i wish her luck!

Unknown said...

I think her hair is awesome!! It's got that wild untouched look. I think that's what draws me into her picks.

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