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here comes alone again

I can't tell whether this week is flying by or dragging on for eons.

This week has been even crazier than normal at work, and it's going to be an extra day long (we have a training class on Saturday). On top of the extra hours I've already been working, I'm looking at a 60+ hour work week.


My gypsy soul is pulling me towards the northwestern coast. The ocean, the rain, the trees - the dreary beauty of it all is whispering my name. I've never been, but nevertheless... I still feel the pull, the overwhelming urge to run and never look back. What I need right now is space, and time, and distance.

Actually, what I need right now is a lie.

This color blocked maxi dress is the second of the three I mentioned the other day, and it is undoubtedly my favorite. Aside from being gorgeous, it's fun to wear - how many items of clothing can one really say that about? The halter neckline is incredibly flattering, the color blocking gives the perfect silhouette, the flowy empire waistline is quite forgiving, and I love the way it twirls.

I snagged this maxi dress at Covet Boutique in Tooele last week for less than $40 - quite possibly my favorite score of the year thus far. I wore it to work on Monday and my co-workers told me I looked like Cinco de Mayo; though my mother said I looked like a gypsy, which is more how I felt.

Check out my tips on how to style a long maxi dress like this one here.

My nephew kept pointing at all of the colors and jabbering at me in Ewok. He might not know their names yet, but he knows they're different and he knows that's important. He also likes to "do his make up" and get mani/pedis - but only by me, and he sits dead still while I clip and polish. This kid knows what's up.

The rope coming from under his butt is his baby leash, if you were wondering...

Seriously lacking in inspiration tonight; I'm having another one of those I'm so tired I fall asleep every time I blink nights.

I should probably get to bed.

puzzle pieces
color block maxi dress: LA banga via covet boutique (similar here)
black moto jacket: forever 21 (similar here)
black sandals: madden girl
flat sandals: forever 21 (similar here)
sunbeam necklace: nasty gal (find it here)
gold cuff: charlotte russe (similar here)
black wrist wrap: charlotte russe
friendship bracelets: maurice's, DIY
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