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bold print mixin' vixen

I apologize in advance for the many headless photos featured here; I was taking pictures by myself again today. My sister was smart enough to stay inside - the bright, cloudless sky and downpour of sunshine was deceptively inviting... Upon walking outside in a skirt minus tights, I realized just how freezing it was. My toes were numb several minutes in, and I really just wanted to get a few good full body shots and get back inside before I lost all feeling in my legs.

And speaking of tightless legs... you may need to cover your eyes. I haven't found my tanning lotion yet!

I've mentioned before that I'm rather print shy, but I happened to try this plaid shirt on with this floral skirt by accident a couple of months ago at Maurice's, and was quite pleasantly surprised to find that I rather liked the combination. The pinks of the plaid match perfectly to the pink flowers in the skirt, while the purple and mint of each respective garment contrast just enough to play off of each other without giving one a headache. My sister didn't even realize I had two completely different prints on - it's a soft, subtle blend of floral and plaid in bright, springy colors that oddly matched my mood today.

IFB's project this week (Print on Printed Matter) is to create a mixed print look, and although I've yet been brave enough to wear it in public, I decided this would be the perfect time to photograph the ensemble. The more interesting trends such as intense print mixing rarely find their way into Utah, and I'm old enough now that I no longer enjoy attracting stares of incredulity for the way I dress. Stares of awe, though, those I don't mind so much.

I briefly mentioned my trip to the thrift store with my sister a couple of weeks ago; in addition to the orange purse I picked up to complete my previous print mixing adventure, I also snagged this perfect structured straw bag for $1.50. I love how it's size and build mixes it between a purse and a clutch - it's perfect for summer afternoons of lazing around the park or wandering the city, and the bow woven into the front is the cherry on top.

Straw (or raffia) purses are a perpetual summer staple - they may fade in and out over the years, but they never fully disappear. The newest designs come in all sorts of hot colors and fun shapes, but my favorites are the old school retro bags, like this one.

plaid shirt: maurice's (similar item here or here)
pink lace camisole: maurice's (similar item here)
floral skirt: maurice's (similar item here)
espadrille wedges: maurice's
brown belt: vanity
straw bag: vintage (similar item here)
mocassin necklace: vintage
gold cuff bracelet: charlotte russe (similar item here)

See more of the bathroom garden here, here and my favorite one here.

While you're here, be sure to check out my fantabulous birthday giveaway for the chance to win one a e-gift card!


Apryl A. said...

I love the skirt! <3

I'm a new follower by the way, just stumbled upon your blog :) and liked it!

Tammie said...

I did all the following last night but am unsure if I am supposed to comment everyday for a chance to win or just the one day?? Hope to hear from you. Thanks Tammie

jbooth said...

Thanks doll! I'm so glad you like it, and that you said so! I love to hear from my peeps!

Do you have a blog? I'd love to see it if you do!

jbooth said...

For the giveaway, you are only required to comment once on the original entry. Everything is tracked through the Rafflecopter widget, so as long as you've checked it off there, you're good to go. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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