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blog vacay wrap up

two weeks, a pixie cut, a puppy, shopping, a tattoo & a secret

Here endeth my momentary blogging vacation. Some life situations require a moment of disengagement to truly understand and cope with them.

The last two weeks have felt like one intense whirlwind of change. If this sounds like hyperbole, take another glance at the photos above - these, combined with an announcement I'm hoping to make tomorrow, will make the reasons for my recent absence fairly obvious.

Photo 1: A Perfect Hair Day
This is what my hair looked like last Sunday afternoon (8/2/12), pre-visit to Jessie at Kami Hair in Salt Lake - where I hacked it into a pixie cut and threw in a weave of bleach for good measure. Although the general population seems fairly divided on the issue (it seems to be an issue of love or hate with few in between), I have yet to come down fully on either side. I'm having trouble getting the style down just right, and the fact that my hair grows as fast as Rapunzel's doesn't help much. In order to keep a pixie, I will have to trim it every two weeks... not an idea I'm a fan of. Any tips for styling/growing out a pixie cut?
Outfit info below.

Photo 2: The Cutest Puppy EVER on the Face of the Earth
An adorable chocolate lab pup that wandered into my yard a little after one in the a.m. last Monday night/Tuesday morning (8/3-8/4). Apparently, one of my neighbors is an animal collector. Unfortunately, I can't keep this gorgeous lil guy and the owner isn't going to claim him - he's currently up for adoption at the Tooele Animal Shelter if anyone is in need of a super friendly furry sidekick.

Photo 3: The Best Damn View
I'm pretty sure the Motor Vu has the best sunsets in the entire Tooele Valley. #justsayin

Photo 4: Torn Between Heaven & Hell
The view of the SLC LDS Temple from the upper level at the City Creek Center. I spur-of-the-moment decided to drop in there the other night, determined to purchase something from a store I've never been in - but quickly realized that most of the shops there are wildly out of my budget. I then proceeded to blow most all of my money at H&M, a store that is rather rapidly and suddenly becoming my favorite place to drop ungodly percentages of my income.

Photo 5: Fall Fashion Studies
Hanging out in the study hall at my favorite coffee shop of all time, The Coffee Connection. Researching fall trends counts as studying, right???

Photo 6: Self-Portraiture
A late-night attempt at capturing some of my fab snags from H&M + my new do. I may or may not have worn this to an early morning meeting Thursday morning that may or may not have been extremely important. Check back tomorrow for full disclosure.
Outfit info below.

Photo 7: Yes, Virginia - Tattoos DO Hurt Like a *****
No, actually, I'm not orgasming - that expression is one of sheer agony as that nice gentleman tattoos feathers and birds up and down my side. I can now definitively say that yes, tattoos hurt like hell... especially over the hip and near the under arm. But I didn't bitch out, either. So where's my cookie?

Photo 8: Unfinished Business
The majority of my gorgeous new (and first) tattoo, by Jon Fields at Susie M's Custom Tattoo, on State Street in SLC. I rolled the dice a bit and selected an artist by Googling "tattoo shop salt lake city" and stopping on a name that sounded nice (and had space for a walk-in Saturday afternoon). It definitely worked out in my favor - if you're looking to have some work done, I highly recommend looking Jon up, or stopping by Octane Tattoo in Tooele (ask for Johnny or Steve - both good friends and excellent artists).  I plan to go back in late September/early October to add some color to the piece.

Photo 9: Captain Stansbury, We Salute You
Stansbury Island on the Great Salt Lake at sunset, as I drove back to Tooele earlier this evening. The commute from Salt Lake to Tooele and back can seem long some nights, but I never tire of this view.

Photo 10: Pretty In Pink
An up-close shot of my quickly growing out pixie hair cut (I'm pretty sure it's already grown at least an inch) and another outfit that I may or may not have worn to yet another important meeting that may or may not have happened earlier tonight. I repeat: check back tomorrow for full disclosure.
Outfit info below.

Photo 11: Tightropes In High Heels
I'd like to see you scale a parking barrier in four inch stilettos with mosquitos buzzing about and live to tell the tale.
Outfit info below.

outfit a (photo 1)
white button down shirt :: forever 21 | blue tunic tank :: forever 21 | pocket watch necklace :: nine via urban wear (similar)

outfit b (photo 6)
black blazer :: charlotte russe (similar) | charcoal gray draped blouse :: H&M (similar) | red pencil skirt :: H&M (similar) | burgundy skinny belt :: H&M | black satin pumps :: wild diva (similar) | pocket watch necklace :: nine via urban wear (similar) | earrings :: maurice's | gold cuff :: charlotte russe (similar)

outfit c (photos 10 & 11)
salmon pink button down blouse :: H&M (similar) | khaki pencil skirt :: H&M (similar) | salmon pink skinny belt :: H&M | nude pumps :: maurice's (similar) | pocket watch necklace :: nine via urban wear (similar) | earrings :: walmart (seriously) | neon piped messenger bag :: francesca's collections (get it here)


Unknown said...

Argh! I want to know the secret now!!!

And the hair... I'm on the fence too.

Nice change. I like the highlights. But I'm unsure if I like the shortness. Hmmmm....

Unknown said...

Seems like an amazing two weeks!
I love change, but I think you just made the bar so much higher.
The hair cut is amazing. The puppy is too dang cute!
Cheers to change!


Rebecca said...

I'm definitely digging the new cut. It's a really fun change. But I've been there, too, and short do's are a pain to maintain/grow out. Still, I love it.

Anonymous said...

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