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weekend pieces

Photo 1: They don't understand you? Someone will.
Stencilled graffiti on a stone tile at Sugar House Park. Oddly, it brings me some small measure of hope, as opposed to the Trust Jesus stencils decorating the sidewalks in downtown.

Photo 2: Stylish Locals
L-R: Beatriz of Bootz, Inc., Rebecca of Rebecca (hearts), myself.
A photo from Saturday afternoon's Stylish Beehive blogger meet up. Although the turnout was a bit smaller than hoped, we did meet the endlessly stylish Beatriz of Bootz, Inc. and made plans for our next social, the deets of which can be found here and RSVPs submitted here.

Photo 3: A hint of Spain
The lobby of Cafe Madrid, an authentic restaurant specializing in some rather delectable cuisine from Spain. The decor was incredible, and the food was even better. Truth be told, I'm not sure what most of what we ordered was called... but it was delicious. I can definitely recommend the lemon sorbet in Spanish champagne - the perfect end to an amazing meal.

Photo 4: Sea Foam or Mint Sprig?
This summery pastel dress I wore Saturday was the subject of much debate amongst the wait staff at the restaurant Saturday evening - specifically, the exact shade of green it captured. Your thoughts?
Outfit info at bottom of this post.

Photo 5: Saturday's Accessories (note: get the reference here)
A flagrantly neon-piped structured bag, textured gold cuff, cheaply oversized black sunglasses and a pocket watch necklace have consistently formed my army of accessories recently. Confession: this bag makes me feel like a grown up - like a woman. Another lesson re-learned: everything has [hidden] meanings.

Photo 6: I've Got Your Six
We went hiking up Mount Olympus on Sunday. Rather, he tore ass up the mountain while I trailed along behind. Annie somehow had the energy to run back and forth between us, thereby ensuring that I was indeed still following and not entirely lost... also, at least once saving me from walking off a cliff because I was trying to change the song that was playing.

Photo 7: Yeah, what?
What one wears hiking when the closet in one's car contains very little that is actually suitable for great outdoor adventuring. The Vans are courtesy of The Boy. Sometimes, having big feet is a good thing. Also, check out those remarkably badass headphones, also courtesy of The Boy by way of SkullCandy: the Fix earbuds in black and red. I am not in any way considered audio tech savvy, but damn - these are one sound piece of wavelength machinery.
Outfit info at bottom of this post.

Photo 8: The View
The Salt Lake Valley. I (respectfully) disagree with the Mormons LDS Church on many (many, many) things, but they did get one thing right: this is the place.

Photo 9: WTF?
I spent my Monday morning scraping glass off the ground, vacuuming it out of my seat and very carefully removing it from my foot and fingertips while trying to not get any in my eyes as I wiped away tears of panic. While there is the impulse to lay blame upon myself for leaving a purse in the open, I prefer to lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of whatever low-life smashed open the window of my new car for, quite literally, nothing (the only item stolen, a cheap purse, was empty). On the bright side, I was able to put together most of my August editorial calendar while waiting for it to be replaced, and I worked less than half the day.

It's the little blessings that get us through the big messes.

Picking up those shards of shattered window glass this morning seemed a disturbingly apt analogy for my life over the last six years. No matter how many pieces you collect, how many shards you add to the bag, every time you open the door a few more fall out. A complete recollection and restoration is essentially impossible - no matter how hard you look, you'll always be missing the pieces you left with someone else.

saturday's tea party outfit
sea foam cut out dress :: charlotte russe (love this lacey version) | gray rope wedges :: charlotte russe (similar here) | gold textured cuff :: charlotte russe | pocket watch necklace :: nine, via urban wear (similar) | messenger bag/purse :: francesca's collections | belt :: charlotte russe | purple beaded earrings :: urban wear | aviator sunglasses :: forever 21

sunday's hiking outfit
oversize white tank :: H&M | black layering tank :: charlotte russe | charcoal shorts :: maurice's | sunglasses :: charlotte russe | tennis shoes :: Vans | headphones :: fix earbuds by skullcandy (get them here)


Anonymous said...

wow great blog. I enjoy reading and looking at the pictures!

Unknown said...

Just think of all the anxiety and panic you caused him. And then when he went to see his spoils.. Karma smacks him with an empty purse!

Could be worse.

But I love your hiking outfit!

Ellinor Forje said...

That is a beautiful dress. It has some vintage element to it, so does the bag. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

A "cheery" disposition said...

it's sad people are lazy they have to steal and least he got nothing but an empty purse... that's what he gets! as for your dress... I love that color!

Jennifer Booth said...

Thanks! Do you blog?

Jennifer Booth said...

Haha, that is somewhat gratifying... knowing that he feels like he went through all that "work", and it was all for nothing! It could have been much worse... but I definitely learned my lesson!

And thank you :) It was the only thing even remotely hiking appropriate I had with me. I even had to borrow Brent's tennis shoes!

Jennifer Booth said...

Thanks, Ellinor! I do love the silhouette - it certainly has a bit of a retro spin to it, particularly with the cutouts on the neckline.

I'd love to see your blog! What's the link?

Jennifer Booth said...

Agreed - it could have been a lot worse! I just wish it wasn't my fave purse!

And thank you very much :)

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