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trenducation: fall/winter accessories

gray crochet cardigan :: H&M (love this one) | neon mustard sleeveless blouse :: H&M (similar here) | electric blue tulip faux wrap skirt :: H&M (dying for this one) | khaki messenger bag w/neon yellow piping :: francesca's collections  (get it here) | pocket watch necklace :: nine, via urban wear (similar) | textured gold cuff :: charlotte russe | gray buckle rope espadrille wedges :: charlotte russe (sold out but similar here) | sunglasses :: charlotte russe

This mildly fluroscent faintly greenish yellow hue is referred to as lime in some circles and cilantro in others, but to me it looks like neon mustard. My co-worker was repulsed. I love it.

While typically I avoid pairing bright shades together, I've recently made it a goal to add a bit of punch to my wardrobe. Adopting neons as a closet staple is a vital part of my new life plan, so when I happened across these two spectacular finds in H&M, I knew they would make the perfect first experiment. Mustard yellow and navy blue is one of my fave fall color combos, so I thought the electrified version of such would be the perfect transition look. After all, this autumn's fashion seems to be nearly identical to summer's; the only modifications being the addition of sleeves and layers, plus a few drops of gray into our favorite hues as some transparent attempt to winterfy neons and pastels.

When I originally purchased this ensemble, I literally spent hours hunting for the perfect accessories. I first set out to locate a chunky, collar-like statement necklace and matching cuff in a burnished gold finish with gray or white accents, but immediately changed course upon sighting a collection of these gorgeous pocket watch necklaces in one of my new favorite shops, Urban Wear (located in Fashion Place Mall for my fellow Utahans). Pleasantly inexpensive and blissfully perfect for this slightly unbuttoned blouse when double wrapped, I am thoroughly satisfied with the fruits of my search... though I am still in need of the perfect arm swag. I'm thinking a gold leaf cuff in an antique finish.....

Chunky jewelry and collar necklaces are certainly among the trends that will be pulled from summer into fall, but in a more refined sense, with a gravitation towards class and elegance over momentary thrills. Summer is the season of youth and frivolity, while fall and winter have a somewhat more grown-up feel to them, and our wardrobes (and jewelry boxes) generally reflect that shift of consciousness. Think heavy neon chains (not cheap plastic links), wrist hugging leather cuffs (trade in those friendship bracelets), skinny metal bangles (in a veritable ROYGBIV of colors) and bejeweled earrings (in tones ranging from neutrals to neons and everything in between). 

The Fall/Winter 2012 runway shows may seem long over, and July is still technically summer, but fall street fashion is right around the corner. Craving more inspiration? In dire need of some trenducation? Check out my Style Survival Guide, and find the picture book on Pinterest.

What trends are you most looking forward to for fall?


Unknown said...

So you're looking pretty hot in these pics! And you picked an amazing location! AND your photog skills are improving!

Rebecca said...

Those images are beautiful! I struggled for the longest time pairing brights together. But, as you know, I happily pair brights now. That view is really amazing!

Jennifer Booth said...

Thank you!!! I took these at the top of Smelter Road in Tooele... best view of the valley, hands down. Well, except for Butterfield Pass!

Jennifer Booth said...

Thanks Rebecca! This is prolly my favorite spot in Tooele... it looks incredible at night! And I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with brights... it's definitely not something most Utahans are a fan of, but I'm okay with that!

V said...

These photos are gorgeous!! I love the scenery!


Jennifer Booth said...

Thanks, V! I love your blog! :)

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