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eat me, drink me

Photos from my self date last night. I heart me some Dairy Delight. Their fry sauce is seriously kind of divine, and the fountain Pepsi there is something like the nectar of the gods. For reals.

And yeah... I take my hamburgers straight up. What?

My favorite parts (aside from the delish food of course) are the Pirates pinball machine (though I do kind of miss their old school one), the space agey jukebox and these hilariously well done Photoshopped images. Best restaurant decor, ever.

Dairy Delight @ 46 West 100 South - Tooele, Utah

Check out last night's post for more on my self date, a killer outfit and tips on rocking the androgynous and monochrome trends.


Chezka said...

What a fun post! The restaurant seems really nice, and the food looks yummy :)
Love your photo on the bench, cracked me up! Nice fedora!
- Che

Maria @ delaRobla said...

haha can't believe the clooney photoshop pictures hehe



Jennifer Booth said...

Thanks! Dairy Delight is probably my favorite place to eat in Tooele.

This bench photo is definitely my favorite out of all the ones from yesterday's outfit post. :)

Jennifer Booth said...

I know! I didn't notice it at first, but after a minute of staring at them I almost shot Pepsi out my nose from laughing so hard!

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