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androgynous, old school style

white button down blouse :: express (find it here) | cream tuxedo trousers :: forever 21 (get them here) | nude suede pumps :: maurice's (similar) | black suspenders :: hot topic (from last year, but still available here) | straw fedora :: maurice's (last year's, but similar here) | brown leather bowling bag purse :: twin falls leather (similar) | necklace :: maurice's (I think| studded wrist wrap :: charlotte russe (similar) | sunglasses :: charlotte russe

This ensemble was inspired by the sleek androgynous style of the talented Kara Laricks and started out as a nod to the infamous and undeniably sexy Neal Caffrey, but turned into something more along the lines of the Rat Pack meets my grandpa on Sunday morning. Oddly... I'm okay with that.

The first half of today's photo shoot (taken in front of my favorite rock solid monument to something or other) was spent arguing with my hair as to whether it was allowed to blow in the wind. I spent a full 45 minutes on the subject before finally giving up and starting the treck home in my hot as an oven beater truck.

Best decision of the day? Stopping at the incredible Dairy Delight on my way down the street for an amazing burger and delish fries, particularly since by the time I left my restaurant of choice, the wind had (mostly) died down, and the light was perfect at the city park, where I promptly dropped my camera on the pavement as I was attempting to twist it onto the tripod. Cookie for me.

Luckily (and somewhat obviously), it still works, though this incident has hastened my desire to acquire another, more spiffular photo-operating device. First, a vehicle. Then, a DSLR.

Enter this last photo of today's excursion, wherein I am not thinking about my "lines" or fretting that my blouse might be rumpled; no, in this moment, my only thoughts were of the graying clouds, floating across the blaze of golden sunset in the deepening blue sky, wondering where they were going, and wishing they would take me with them, responsibilities and suede pumps be damned.

:style notes:
--Monochrome looks are very in this season, and top-of-head to tip-of-toe neutrals in similar shades (all light or all dark) make one look super model tall. Add one darker shade in for a bit of contrast and to avoid a washed out appearance.
--When rocking the menswear or androgynous style, the presentation is in the details - beyond the trousers and the button up, make sure you select some accessories that speak to your personal style, and make sure to add a few feminine touches to avoid looking like a straight up tom boy.
--Suspenders and fedoras automatically make anything (and everything) look way cooler. #justsayin

Check out more photos of today's look in this album on the Frayed Threads Facebook page.


Sandy a la Mode said...

whattt?? i think i need a pair of those!!!

jbooth said...

Aren't they gorgeous??? There's a link to them in the outfit info :) They're super comfy too - I just wish Forever 21 carried them in black!

Anonymous said...

I like your androgynous outfit very much. This year several women seem to have started wearing suspenders and I love them, too. Suspenders add a stylish touch to any outfit and meanwhile I wear them a lot.
All the best, Chiara

Anonymous said...

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