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Work was crazy-busy-stressful today, but in a good way, not an anxiety inducing way. I know it probably sounds backwards, but work is typically my stress relief, my happy place - home is where things get too intense to handle. When things are busy at work, I am distracted and I feel productive. I got a ton done today, and I still have lots to do tomorrow, but I'll deal with it when I get there.

The best part about my job is definitely my hilarious co-workers and easy going boss. We were discussing celebrities we looked like today, and I mentioned that my mom once told me that I look like Sarah Palin. My boss immediately agreed, then at the same time he and one of the other boys both said that I look like Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin. Peasant #1* said that he knows me too well to think that I am anything like Sarah (actually, he specifically said that I'm not that serious), and Tina Fey's impersonation fit better. Boss Man even printed out a picture of Tina as Sarah, which we then pinned to the bulletin board with my name on it. I love Tina Fey, so I can live with that!

I've recently developed an obsession with buying clothes that are far too big for me, especially tops. I love the way a ridiculously oversize sweater looks with ultra skinnies and ankle booties, especially when done in a combination of = (black + one bright color) x (beautiful make up + great hair).

The beautiful make up my equation refers to is the look I wore today, consisting of:
-Make Up Forever HD primer, concealer & foundation
-TooFaced eye shadow in Pink Peacock & blush in Girly Show
-Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Original & Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion (their darkest, most decadent black, and my new favorite make up tool) (new)
-Dior DiorShow BlackOut Mascara in Kohl Black
-Make Up Forever Rouge Artists Intense Lipstick in shade #33 (a bright bubble gum pink) (new)

That may seem like a lot of products, but it was actually a fairly simple look. I don't normally wear lipstick, but I love this color. My eyes looked gorgeous and large, and my cheeks and lips were pretty and pink. Definitely my new favorite make up look, and fairly quick and easy to put together.

I found these black skinny jeans at Charlotte Russe over the weekend, and they are absolutely my new favorite pants. Black skinnies have always been my go to bottoms, but there is something about these Refuge Ultra Skinnies that really draws me to them. It could be the way they hug my legs without crushing my hips, the beautiful newness of the black, or it could just be that I love pretty new things that are also quite comfortable. Regardless, I love them, and they love me. It's a match made in heaven.

Charlotte Russe also happened to be having a fantastic clearance shoe sale when I wandered in over the weekend, and I scored three new pairs of shoes for $9.99 each. All three are variations on items I've been looking for, and I am 100% thrilled to have found them at such a gorgeous price. I really wish I had been able to make their boot sale yesterday, but I think my mom would cry if I bought any more boots...

You may have noticed that I dyed my hair dark, dark brown over the weekend. I used John Frieda's Precision Foam Color in (3N) Deep Brown Black. This is my absolute favor hair color for myself... Most people have told me I'm too pale to pull off such a dark color, but every one of them has admitted they were wrong when I do. I don't know that I could pull off black, but my complexion seems to have just the right amount of pink to it that dark brown blends seamlessly. I especially love it with this pink sweater and my new bright pink lipstick by MakeUp Forever Rouge Artist Intense (shade #33). I picked up both on my weekend retail therapy session in Salt Lake, from H&M and Sephora respectively.

My hair is also finally long enough for a decent top knot, although I didn't have time to make a pretty one this morning. I have a hard time getting them into the right place when looking in the mirror though - my trick? I stand with my back against a wall, and pull my hair up far enough that I can put my head flat against the wall. Works like a charm every time.

My one regret about this outfit was wearing a black lace cami underneath the sweater. Next time I think I will wear a white tank or matching cami. I also wore it with my new patent leather loafers from Zara, because I was too lazy to wear heels at work, but my little sister decided the ankle boots looked better. I agree with her, but I really want to get some photos of the loafers up soon - they're pretty much awesome.

It was fairly warm today, but it was starting to rain as we took these photos, so it was starting to get a bit chilly. Most of the snow we accrued over the weekend melted today, and I find that oddly depressing. I wish it would really snow - I need at least one blizzard this season. This year has been oddly bereft of the intense snow storms that are the typical trademark of northern Utah winters, and I find myself very disappointed with Father Winter.

And yeah... that's a car, covered with a tarp and parked on the lawn. Apparently it didn't occur to my little sister to try to avoid getting it in the picture. I decided to leave it in as yet more evidence of my mom's hoarder proclivities.

oversize pink sweater: h&m (similar item here); black lace cami: maurice's; black skinny jeans: charlotte russe (similar item here); black wedge ankle booties: express (similar item here); messenger bag: ebay (similar item here); necklace & earrings: express

*Peasant #1 = a nickname for said co-worker. It's a work thing, you would have to be there to get it. Nicknames are being used to protect my co-workers reputations.


J said...

Hey lady :)

You look so adorable! The oversized look is great on you and suits you quite well!! I like what you did with your hair :) Your bag is adorable and I like your necklace!

You are quite lucky to work with people you like, that are funny and nice!!! Not everyone is so lucky :( And sorry it was stressful, hopefully not so much next time!

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

Awesome pics and great post as usual!

Boheme.Fille said...

Great oversized top and beautiful necklace!

P.S: I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog: Would love if you enter. You will sure like the prizes.

Anonymous said...

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