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simple lines, neutral colors

I think that sometimes we style bloggers feel like our outfits have to be these incredible works of art every single day. I think that sometimes we forget that true style is simplicity, elegance, and love.

I bought this entire outfit last night ($143 @ maurice's) except for the belt ($12) and trench ($60), and it is without a doubt my new go-to outfit. It might be overflowing with trendiness, between the printed maxi skirt and tribal jewelry, but it is perfect for me in every way, for every season. I can see myself wearing this outfit for years to come. I know I've blogged about a lot of my favorite items over the last few weeks, but nothing compares to this gorgeous work of simplicity here.

You may have noticed my obsession with trench coats, and I adore my classic black trench, but I have developed an affinity for bright trenches in unexpected colors - like the sherbet orange one above, and the red wool one that has become my winter staple. In the winter time, your coat is the only part of your outfit that many people will see, so I think it's important that it have some pizazz. Besides, there's nothing like hot hues to brighten up a bleak winter evening.

My adorable nephew came out with us to take these photos. He loves the slide in our backyard, and is pretty good at telling our rather loud (and large) dogs to stop barking, but for some reason is utterly terrified of the swing set.

I was a bit hesitant at first about wearing the long cardigan with the maxi skirt, because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with fabric and big shapes - but once I put it on, I knew it was meant to be. The colors are close enough that it almost looks mono-chromatic, and that plus the sky high wedges made me look quite tall and skinny.

Come summer time, I will forgo the tights and trade the cardigan and tee in for a black tank top; I may also opt for my gold cuff bracelet over the tribal jewelry and armful of friendship bracelets.

We started building a large pond in our backyard several years ago (the rocks I'm standing on below were supposed to be the waterfall), but as with most of the projects my parents start, it has been put on hold indefinitely.

The sunset tonight was absolutely gorgeous; the sky was cloudy but the air was crystal clear, cleaned by the rainstorm we had last night. It was so cold that my toes were numb, despite the tights I had added to the ensemble for warmth.

When I hopped up on these rocks for these photos, Landon immediately insisted on joining me. As soon as he got up there, though, he turned around and wanted down - and refused to let go of my hand until I got down with him. I guess he thought it wasn't safe!

When I visited Sephora last weekend, the lovely sales associate introduced me to the Living Proof Full Thickening line of hair care products. She was even kind enough to give me some samples of the shampoo, conditioner, thickening cream and restorative mask. I've been using them all week, and I love them so much that I ordered the starter set. The thickening cream especially helps to give my hair volume and lift that it doesn't have on it's own, and it lasts all day. These photos were taken around 6pm, almost 12 hours after I had applied the products and blow dried and styled my hair, and it still has life and body. I definitely recommend you give it a try if your hair needs help looking thick and full.

Oh, and note to self: climbing rock and dirt piles while wearing 5 inch heels and being dragged by a 2 year old = totally possible, although not recommended.

My sister's cat went missing for a bit. I found her hiding spot when I tried to move the empty pepsi can box.

trench, cardigan, black tee, maxi skirt, necklace, earrings, bracelets, wedges, belt: maurice's
all photos by my wonderful sister, the Princess, and co-starring my adorable nephew, Jabberwocki


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