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love birds

Things I learned today:
1. My sister, gods bless her, is not a very good photographer (or I'm just not very photogenic).
2. I've lost more weight than I thought I had. Like, a lot more.
3. I really need to learn how to alter clothes, or find a good tailor/seamstress who's not ungodly expensive.
4. I need to go to bed earlier.
5. I have the best boss in the world (but that I already knew).

I wore one of my new vintage outfits today! I had my sister snap a few photographs, but there were storm clouds blocking the natural light when I arrived home from work, so the coloring is a little bit off. .. and it probably doesn't help that I was so exhausted at this point that I was falling asleep on the way home from work (fortunately, it's only a ten minute drive!). It's supposed to be good weather this weekend, though, so maybe I'll try it again on Saturday.

This skirt is a bit too big for me (refer to #2 above), but with a belt it sits on my hips quite nicely. It is quite long, and I considered trimming down to tea length or above the knee when it first arrived, but my little sister immediately intervened on the skirt's behalf and put a stop to that line of thinking. I didn't expect her to like the skirt so much (she's a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal), but her eyes lit up when she saw it. It is a beautiful piece - copious amounts of goldish-metallic olive green fabric make this skirt feel almost gypsy in origin. The fabric is light enough and silhouette breezy enough for spring and summer, but the color deep and rich enough for fall and winter. Multi-season pieces are definitely my closet staples.

The belt is quite possibly my favorite accessory; sparrows are hands down my favorite animal, and I've always had a thing for bird shaped accents. They seem to really be hot this season, too, so I've been finding a whole lot of pretty new sparrows to add to my collection. The larger disc on my necklace also has a sparrow etched into it. Sparrows were seen as a symbol of hope by sailors, because of their ability to always find their way home; because they mate for life, they are also viewed as signifying true love. Sparrows also represent strength, new life, and beginnings. I've known for a long time that my first tattoo is going to be of a sparrow - I just haven't settled on exactly what I want, but getting my first ink done is on my list for this year.

I had meant to roll up my sleeves for the photos, but it was extremely cold when I got home from work, and I was more focused on looking warm. This ensemble is definitely a lot more attractive when some skin is visible.

This vest is probably the prize acquisition of the lot. It's a bit big (which I like), the outer part is made of silk (which I love), and has intricate beading all over it (which is gorgeous). I've recently developed an obsession with beading, especially on vintage items (you may have noticed by now that I obsess a lot).

skirt, vest: vintage, via LoveCharles Vintage; shirt: express; wedges: Kardashion Kollection, from Sears (similar item here); necklace: maurice's; belt: charlotte russe

The waist definitely needs taking in; otherwise, I love this skirt. It's comfy, flowy, and a gorgeous color... IRL, anyway. It kinda matches the dead grass in these photos. As much as I love the steely gray sky, I kinda wish it had waited till after I got home!

I think that covers all of my day's lessons... oh, and my boss is just awesome sauce, for a whole lot of reasons. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever had a better boss (he may be tied with Sunshine, from Excelsior, but I'm not sure that I'd call her my 'boss'). He recently told me that he bought a texting lingo dictionary so that he can understand me when I talk to him. That, plus a whole lot of other reasons, make him rock like socks. My job may not be very glamorous, and it absolutely wears me out, but I don't hate it, and that's because of my great boss and hilarious co-workers. Yeah, you should probably be jealous. ;)


LoveCharlesVintage said...

I was worried it would be too big for you! Here are a couple no sew suggestions. Fold the waist and pin it with a big brooch. The skirt will just look like it has a big pleat in it. Also, wear the skirt as a dress! I do that a lot with elastic waists, just hike it on up and put a belt around the waist. You can wear a sweater over it and you'll have instant knee length, and in summer it'll be super cool and comfy. In the future if you need me to alter anything I can do that!

LoveCharlesVintage said...

haha OTHER than that, it looks awesome with those killer shoes!! It's gonna be a fun skirt for warm weather.

Adrienne McElwain said...

Ah I lov the blog makes me realize 1. I miss you. 2. I need to update my blog. 3. I need to loose weight! A lot.

jbooth said...

I love the idea of wearing it as a dress! I will definitely have to try that. Thank you! :)

jbooth said...

1. I miss you too!
2. Yes, you should!
3. I think you're beautiful, just the way you are! <3

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