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black sleeveless vest/tunic with asymmetrical hem :: zara (get it here) | scarf printed trousers :: zara (get them here) | chunky pink heels :: bonnibel via (similar) | brown leather bowling bag purse :: twin falls leather (similar) | black moto jacket :: forever 21 (similar) | black bejeweled belt :: maurice's | gold & pink cameo ring :: bebe | gold starfish cuff :: c/o shopcalico (gold here; silver here) | pink stone & trinkets necklace :: maurice's | black sunglasses :: charlotte russe

That moment when you look at the clock and realize you've been up the entire night... and it doesn't even matter.

Frequenters of the blog will notice the massive overhaul of design, but the biggest (and best) of the changes is our new home - Frayed Threads is now located at The old address will forward you (obvs), but be sure to update your bookmarks so that you can keep up with all of my fashionable awesomeness.

And because I know it may cause outrage among some, yes, there is a naughty word in my title image. You'll cope; those of you who can't probably shouldn't be reading this blog anyway. Witness how much I just don't care. And then check out this post for the inspiration behind this redesign.

I took these photos in the dam spillway the other night; I couldn't remember where it was until I accidentally drove by it last weekend with my sister. The last time I walked through it (years ago - think high school era with my friend Brian) it was full of grafitti and thus would have been perfect for a photo shoot featuring a colorful print such as the one on my newly acquired trousers from Zara. Alas, however - it seems the city has gone in and cleaned things up since then, and has done a fairly decent job of maintaining it. There are only a few bits and pieces of street art remaining; my favorite being this piece of faded wisdom I found where the spillway meets the road. try harder. It's been my mantra of late, so finding it spray painted on the cement was a piece of happy fortune.

Speaking of my latest acquisitions, I think I may have found my soulmate in the form of this asymmetrical tunic and the cure for my aforementioned print shyness via these printed trousers, both from Zara. There are only two things I love more in the world than a good tunic top and perfectly printed trousers, and they are both people (see: 1 / 2). One of my coworkers said it literally looked as though I'd taken several scarfs and sewn them together. She hates them. I love them. My new mission in life is to acquire as many scarf and mirror printed pieces as I can, before the trend dissipates. Florals are nice enough, stripes are great and I'm sure animal prints are fun too, but there is something about these blatantly colorful and wildly patterned scarf prints that suck me in and beg me to spend every penny I have on them. It's probably just a me thing. Regardless, enjoy the fruits of my lusting:

Printed Trousers

And last but not least, the ultimate pair of printed trousers - the pair that formally kicked off this obsession I have:

Kaleidoscope Print Cotten Sateen Flared Pants by Derek Lam on Nat-A-Porter
They're even on sale - for a mere $693.

Check out the picture book version of this post on Pinterest.


LoveCharlesVintage said...

Holy pants, I love those! and the new redesign looks good, glad you are doing exactly what you want!

jbooth said...

Thanks!!! There is a tiny part of my brain that is trying to rationalize buying those Derek Lam trousers... I just have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't buy a pair of pants that are worth more than the vehicle I drive!

morganvsmorgan said...

I love those trousers!! I want them... & "Try Harder" is a brilliant motto to live by.

jbooth said...

Thanks Morgan! I love them too! They feel like wearing pajamas. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

Saint Allison said...

Those pants are so freakin' awesome (and they look super cozy)- loving these style shots!

Also, thank you for being an awesome part of the StyleSaint community.


jbooth said...

Thanks Allison! I LOVE Style Saint - it's definitely one of my favorite places on the interwebs :)

And these pants are probably the most comfortable thing that I own... I kinda want to wear them every day!

Unknown said...

great pants!


jbooth said...

Thanks!!! They're definitely my favorite new acquisition :)

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