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sweet 'n rock :: how to style leather shorts

tips for rocking high waisted faux leather shorts:
1. If you're nervous about showing that much leg, layer some patterned tights underneath.
2. Add a splash or two of color, but don't overload on neons, else you risk looking very 90s (unless that's what you're going for).
3. Add one sweet detail (a straw purse, floral something, pastel colors) to keep the look from being too hard, and don't wear any other leather (you're not a Hell's Angel).
4. Wear flats, or opt for a wedge over a stiletto. The latter risks looking a bit trashy.
5. For shorter legs, avoid an ankle strap or caged top. This can cut off your silhouette and make your legs look stumpy.

I finally worked up the courage to wear my black faux leather shorts from H&M out of the house yesterday. My sister said I lacked color and looked very 90s, so I added the bright plaid shirt and removed the hot pink lipstick. Also applied some mint green nail polish in an attempt to springify this look. Maybe I should have thrown on a scrunchie instead.

I used to be very anti-high waisted anything - until I tried on these black leather shorts. I love how they provide the perfect hourglass shape, and this plaid shirt + gray tank are just the right amount of over size to counteract it. Conflicting silhouettes are among my favorite things recently.

Truthfully I'm having a love affair with anything contradictory lately; aside from mismatched shapes, in this case that means a sweet, country girl straw purse and ladylike necklace and matching stud earrings with a rocker-chic outfit and dominatrix heels. Potentially a result of the pent up anger and frustration, leaking out in random drops like the oil from my truck. Or maybe it's the fuck you bitches attitude I've always had, fighting its way to the surface after years of suppression. Regardless, this tragic romance can only end one way: epicly.

The blog has been a bit all over the map of late; a bit like my mind I suppose. Restlessness is creeping into me again, infiltrating my pieces. This is usually when things start to go hideously awry - when I remain still too long after this feeling takes hold. The Universe, telling me to getupgorungetthehellout because I'm too damn smart for this small town life I lead, and it (She? He?) knows I will never be happy here. Never be complete.

I'm just really good at faking it.

contentment is the enemy of invention.
-Pete Davis

puzzle pieces
bright plaid shirt :: maurice's | gray over size tank :: zara (similar here) | black lace bralette :: maurice's | black faux leather shorts :: h&m (similar here) | leopard skinny belt :: maurice's (similar here) | dotted tights :: h&m | wedges :: charlotte russe | straw purse :: vintage (similar here) | sunglasses :: charlotte russe | mesh chain necklace :: express (similar here) | stud earrings :: express | twisted ring w/rhinestones :: forever 21 | mint green nail polish :: green with envy by maybelline color show (read the review here; buy a similar color here)


Fashionably Geeked said...

I really like this outfit. I've been looking for some leather shorts (and actually some money to buy them!)

jbooth said...

Thanks doll! I actually picked this pair up at H&M for just $25 - I bet you could still find them if you have a store nearby.

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