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it's in the details

Accessories are to me what certain scents are to others. They tell me stories; they captivate me, entice me, enthrall me, entertain me, intrigue me. The perfect accessory - be it a decadent cuff bracelet, a statement necklace, a gorgeous clutch, or anything else - can transform and define a look.

Big things are made up of little things; so are our daily outfits made up of various parts, pieced together to form one cohesive look. Little things, like jewelry and what bag you carry, may seem so insignificant when you're in a rush to get out the door, but they really do make a difference in how you look and feel and how you are perceived. It's attention to these details that will set us apart or confirm our status as member of the crowd. Where do you prefer to be?

Most mornings, I'm rushing out the door too, and don't have time to fuss over my accessories as much as I would like. As important as they are, they are not as important as my job, and I'm sure most of you are on the same page. So, the question becomes: How do we accessorize on the run?

I have a tendency to add and subtract my accessories sporadically throughout the day. I always carry my gold cuff, some friendship bracelets, my sunbeam necklace and a pair of earrings with me, because I know that any or all of them will match just about anything in my closet. Sometimes, it's not even about matching, but about balancing your look and anchoring it. For those of us who live life on the run, it's important to have a few key pieces (trendy, classic or both) like these that you can keep in your purse or on your make up counter for those days when you just don't have time to devote to details.

Some good investments:
  • The gold goddess cuff. These are very in this season, and mine has hardly left my wrist, despite my former distate for bracelets. I've found that cuffs are the best wrist-wear for typing.
  • The giant cocktail ring. These are great pieces for fidgety people like me - a big ring gives your fingers something to fiddle with without being too obvious about it.
  • The statement necklace. Collars, tribal designs and Egyptian inspired pieces are very in this year.
  • The metallic clutch. This piece will add instant glam and transform nearly any look from day to night with little to no effort.
  • A leopard print skinny belt. Always classy and chic, leopard print has become a neutral - which means you can pair it with just about anything.
  • And a stack of friendship and/or wrap bracelets. Perfect for adding to anything casual to give the look a summery, youthful vibe, or to anything glamorous when you're feeling contrary.

Some tips:
  • One statement piece is enough. Don't overload on big jewelry.
  • If you jingle when you move, take off at least one piece of jewelry.
  • In fact, take off one piece before you leave the house anyway.
  • Unless you're purposely mixing metals in the form of stacked bracelets or layered chain necklaces, stick to one metal/color family.
  • Inspect jewelry before you purchase. I'm not opposed to buying inexpensive jewelry, but I am opposed to buying jewelry that looks cheap. Check for minor imperfections that could turn into big problems.
  • Same goes for purses and shoes. If the item in question has any kind of hardware, embroidery or beading on it, check it for loose threads, missing beads or studs in danger of falling off.
  • Your purse no longer has to match your belt and shoes, but it does need to not clash with your outfit. Pay attention to what you're wearing when you select your bag in the morning (or the night before).
  • Speaking of belts - make sure yours fits in the right place, and that it's in good shape. A beat up or worn out belt just looks frumpy.

I'm not saying you should carry these items with you at all times (I do, but I'm OCD about things...), but I would suggest keeping them near the top of your jewelry box, and pull them out when you know you'll be heading to an event where you may need them. Without accessories, your little black dress is nothing more than some black fabric draped over your body, and your casual attire blends in a little too well. Accessories are what can make a t-shirt and jeans fabulous.

what we call little things are merely the causes of great things; they are the beginning, the embryo, and it is the point of departure which, generally speaking, decides the whole future of an existence.
-Henri Frederic Amiel

photo 1: vintage bangles (gift from my mom)
photo 2: gold cuff-charlotte russe (similar) / bangles-vintage
photo 3: blazer-forever 21 / purse-vintage / pumps-maurice's (similar) // the outfit post
photo 4: kardashian kollection studded wedges (similar)
photo 5: studded clutch via covet boutique (similar)
photo 6: twisted ring-forever 21 / mint nail polis-green w/envy by maybelline (similar) // the outfit post
photo 7: twisted ring-forever 21 / mint nail polis-green w/envy by maybelline (similar) // the outfit post
photo 8: wrist wrap-belt from
photo 9: gold cuff-charlotte russe (similar) / assorted friendship bracelets: maurice's, DIY // the outfit post
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