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vague recap
You may have been able to tell by Thursday's post, but I've had a pretty intense week. After posting, I went for a walk in the pouring rain (yes, at one in the morning), and it really helped to clear my head. Out of respect for someone else's privacy, I'll refrain from going into details, but I will confess that I am incredibly frustrated and hurt. It's somewhat my fault, for opening myself up to a situation I knew would lead to these feelings somehow, but it's more complicated than that. I'm also already tired of justifying it to myself using that excuse - so I'm giving in. I'm walking away.

it's in the details
Since I didn't describe my outfit Thursday, I thought I'd lay it out for you today. I have to confess that I didn't love it until I added the tights - once my legs were fully encased in black (albeit sheer, dotted black), I felt much more like myself. This outfit is actually a lot closer to my normal style than much of what's appeared on the blog over the last few weeks; I've been pushing myself to try new colors, patterns and pieces that are outside my comfort zone. I think it's been turning out quite nicely, but I've really started to miss my more rocker-chic duds. Summer may be creeping up on us, but you can expect to see more black in upcoming outfit posts.

I generally avoid lipstick and gloss (when I do wear it, it tends to be nude or pink), but I had been fighting with a friend of mine on Thursday. This (male) friend hates when I wear any sort of lip color (no relation to the argument, btw), so naturally, this meant that I dug out the craziest, most offensive one I could find on my way out the door, which happened to be a bright purple gloss. It made sense in my head at the time.

The pink skirt was also a birthday gift from him. If I didn't love him it so much, I would probably burn it. Sigh - dilemmas of the heartbroken.

pardon the dust
You may have also noticed the blog changes - so far I've only gotten through the template (mostly), but there are a number of changes forthcoming in terms of content, pages and overall look. I've been considering a massive overhaul for a while now, but recent events have convinced me that it's time to let go of the old and invite in some new. In the meantime, if you have any problems with the blog, issues with functionality or features, or notice any errors (grammatical, syntax or other) please feel free to let me know.

This photo = my week
pieces of the puzzle
Zara Oversize Tank (find a similar one here)
I do love the oversized-ness and unfinished hem of this tank, but the massive armholes drive me bat shit wonkers. I'm not usually opposed to layering, but I hate having to layer just to cover my bra - and since I lack any sort of cleavage without a decent push-up, going bra-less isn't really an option for me. Besides, one stiff breeze from the side, and it's Janet Jackson at the Superbowl.
In short: If you don't mind adding a cami underneath for coverage, this is an awesome oversized tank. I love the fit, the fabric and the quality.

Forever 21 Accordion Pleated Chiffon Skirt (find it here)
I pretty much adore this skirt. It's maybe a bit short for work - it definitely needs tights if that's where you plan to take it - but the pleats are perfectly on trend for spring, and the bright color will carry it through the summer. This color is listed on the website as coral, though it seems a bit more hot-watermelon-pink than true coral to me; it also comes in a lovely navy shade that I'm considering adding to my skirt drawer.
In short: Do I think you should get it? Um, YES! So far I have no qualms with this piece, and if you're still looking for the perfect pleated skirt (a definite essential this year), this is The One. Trendy pieces should always be the ones you spend the least on, and at $15.80, this one definitely fits the bill (and your budget).

also pictured
cami: arizona (similar here)
belt: maurice's
tights: h&m (similar here)
heels: maurice's (similar here)
watch necklace: maurice's
friendship bracelets: maurice's
studded wrist wrap: charlotte russe (similar here)


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