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Wireless internet, thou art a heartless bitch.

I apologize for the brief interruption in service, friends, but technical issues have been plaguing my wireless internet most of the week. Lack of internet makes it difficult to post.

I hope everyone had a fantabulous first day of spring. The weather here was gorgeous, which naturally made it pretty difficult to focus on my work today, since I sit in front of a huge glass door and huge glass windows that overlook the mountains and fields and...

Yeah. Spring fever may have finally set in.

I was a bit nervous this morning as I pulled this ensemble together - I've always been a bit shy of prints, so the idea of mixing two together more or less terrified me. I knew the moment I laid eyes on this shirt at H&M though that it was meant to go with this skirt from Maurice's, and I found that I rather like the look of the orange stripes with the b&w polka dots.

The purse is actually one I picked up from the thrift store about five minutes before we took these photos. If I hadn't been wearing this outfit, I can almost guarantee I wouldn't have looked twice at it - but I'm very glad I did. It was meant to be a part of this party, and for $1.50, I certainly can't complain.

[shirt: H&M (similar item here); skirt: Maurice's (similar item here); belt, necklace: Maurice's; loafers: Zara (similar item here); purse: thrifted; sunglasses: Charlotte Russe]

These shoes have become my absolute new favorite flats since purchasing them a month or so ago. Don't get me wrong - I adore my ballet flats - but I'm getting a bit bored of them. These shiny black patent leather loafers with gold accents from Zara are the perfect way to break up said boredom, and they provide more support and protection for my feet - definitely good bonuses.

We took these photos in a hilly field in a remote part of town, and as we climbed up the first hill we encountered the field's residents...

The deer we saw didn't seem to mind our presence too much, but they certainly weren't getting too close. They were pretty far from the mountains though - they would have had to wander through most of town to get all the way down there. I suspect they may have been living there all winter.

After we got done taking photos, we borrowed my nephew and went to dinner at Denny's. He was a bit unruly at first, since he didn't take a nap today, but once our food came he sat down and insisted on feeding himself (he's very much Mr. Independent). It was absolutely adorable... until he picked up his entire bowl of spaghetti on his fork at once, and tried to put it all in his mouth - and missed.

He did love the Shirley Temple I got him though.

This bottom photograph is the Princess herself, my darling sister. She's gorgeous, though a bit camera shy. I snuck this while she was distracted with her phone...

Well, I'm off to bed for now my lovelies, but hopefully my internet will continue to be reliable enough that I can continue with my Spring Style Survival Guide through the weekend and help you update those heavy winter closets without wearing out your credit cards. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of the fun updates that I've made to the blog and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments or email them to me!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the other posts in this series!


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