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build your blog conference 2015 wrap up

my outfit (day): sweater :: downeast basics // blouse :: silence & noise // skirt :: j.crew c/o uptown cheapskate // tights :: f21 // booties :: mossimo
kumquat's outfit: sweater, kitty t-shirt, purple tutu :: gymboree // tights :: cherokee // silver shoe :: gift
my outfit (evening): jumpsuit :: jbs c/o uptown cheapskate // cuff bracelet :: vintage // clutch :: too faced cosmetics bag // booties :: shi

The Build Your Blog Conference 2015 was held this past weekend at the Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, and even though I missed part of the conference, I definitely felt the energy and passion from everyone in attendance. An atmosphere like that has a way of re-energizing and re-charging your batteries, and with so much creative energy flowing and great ideas being bounced around, it's pretty much impossible not to come away with a thousand new ideas and a renewed commitment to building your brand.

The key to making the most of all the advice and new ideas, though, is to take just a few things at a time and incorporate them into your blogging routine. Trying to completely overhaul your current system all at once can lead to serious blogger burnout and lead you away from your overall brand vision. It's important to stay true to yourself and the ethos of the brand you're trying to build, while continually learning and incorporating new ideas to keep things interesting.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips from my favorite class at the conference, "30 Tips To Get Great Growth" by Matt Cherry of iBlog Magazine:
  1. Create and share more videos. Videos on landing pages convert 80% more readers.
  2. Create and share podcasts - it's easier for a reader to download an audio file and pop in some earbuds than to read through an entire thousand word post. Record it!
  3. Create a list of social media groups to share and participate in every day.
  4. Find, follow and interact with the leading bloggers in my niche. Build a rapport with them and support each other.
  5. LinkedIn! Beef up my profile, join and participate in some groups and connect with EVERYONE - even my icons and the people I'm too nervous to send a request to!
These are the top five things I'll be focusing on over the next month or so, and I'm especially excited to see what you will think of my first videos and podcasts. Are there any topics in particular you'd like me to discuss? Do you prefer videos, podcasts or the written word? Leave your thoughts and any requests in the comments!

All in all, Build Your Blog 2015 was amazing, and I will definitely be going back next year - after hustling my butt off in 2015 with the goal of deserving a Blogger of the Year award. I still have a lot more to share from the conference (including Blogger BFF deals & freebies, how to dress for a gala on a budget and tons more!). If you were at the conference, I'd love to hear about your favorite classes and the awesome new ideas you'll be implementing on your blog this spring! Leave your thoughts and your blog links in the comments!

P.S. I still owe you a winner from the Uptown Cheapskate giveaway last month! And the winner is....

Mayra Sissi Biggs

Congrats, Mayra! Happy shopping!


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