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springtime in park city, take 2
starring annie bannanie & mister beans

The "kids" and I spent some time outside this morning, enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having on this glorious Sunday. While The Boy and I aren't huge fans of the inside of this house, the deck and the amazing view (and jungle in our front yard) more than make up for whatever the interior is lacking.

While both are regulars on my Instagram, and Annie has been spotted here on the blog before, this is Beans's first appearance here on Frayed Threads. Mr. Beans (the adorable orange tabby photographed above) came to live with us in October, the day after we found out about Kumquat; a friend of mine found him as a stray in Tooele, and since they couldn't keep him, we took him in. He's the best cat I've ever had (and I've had a lot of cats) and he and Annie get along so well sometimes I have to wonder if he's part dog. They've even worked out a tag team system for hunting mice - he catches them, she eats them. Gross, but I take comfort in knowing that I'll never have to worry about rodents inside my house...

No baby yet - we're officially one day past our due date, despite The Boy's many attempts to coax her out of there (including coercing me into eating a chunk of wasabi, a bag of hot Cheetos and running up and down the stairs with Annie). I keep telling her dad that she's going to be extra awesome, so she needs a little extra time in the oven, but he doesn't seem to be happy with that. The weekend isn't over yet though - any guesses on when little Kumquat will finally decide to show up?

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Merritt said...

gorgeous photos!

The Style Scribe

Unknown said...

Great pictures!


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