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dress :: maurice's (need this one) | burgundy tights :: george (similar) | combat boots :: charlotte russe (old, but dying for this pair) | blue & orange bracelet :: twisted roots | leather wrist wraps :: c/o salvage west | sunglasses :: charlotte russe | necklace :: maurice's | purse :: my mom's (love this one)

Fall is a season of change, and the blog has been feeling a bit heavy of late. I've been feeling a re-design was in order, but haven't had the time to properly implement one - fortunately, a serious case of insomnia brought on a surge of creativity and productivity that pushed me to complete the blog's new do. While the color scheme and main banner are the most obvious points of change, I've been focusing on cleaning things up and purging things that aren't all that useful - something I've been trying to do IRL as well.

Photos are from last weekend's Rock and Gem Show at the Dow James Building here in Tooele. It's been a Tooele tradition for as long as I can remember, and attending always marks the real beginning of fall for me. The candy canon was definitely my favorite part (my nephew's too), but the handful of pretty beads pictured are some of the things I acquired at the show and will likely be more useful than tootsie rolls that taste like blasting cap. I have so many ideas for what I want to do with them that I'm having trouble deciding where to start...

I've suddenly started living in these combat boots over the weekends; while I can't deny the appeal of a sexy pair of stilettos or platform wedges, there are times when a four inch heel just isn't going to cut it (like concerts and ren faires). Ballet flats are boring me and loafers a tad too workplace appropriate - weekends are pretty much the only opportunity most of us have to dress outside the box, and there is something so charmingly spunky about these combat boots with little dresses and tights that I can't seem to resist wearing mixtures of this combination regularly throughout the weekend. I recently came across this Steve Madden pair with a badass red stripe up the back that I just might have to splurge on...

Do you have a favorite weekend outfit recipe? Share yours in the comments.


LoveCharlesVintage said...

All those beads are so pretty! You'll make excellent things with those.
Also, new blog layout looks good, it does look cleaner which makes it easier to look around.
I have some shoes I really want to splurge on as well, so maybe we both need to go out and treat ourselves.

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