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now entering :: broke city

now entering: 
Broke City
Lots of Broke Ass Peeps

broke city tank :: tuc + wes by Orly Shani
70s flares :: almost famous (similar) | cropped military blazer :: forever 21 (similar) | sunglasses :: charlotte russe | black studded wedges :: kardashian kollection (similar) | red clutch :: unlisted (similar) | fedora :: maurice's | pewter cuff bracelet :: forever 21 | twisted rhinestone encrusted ring :: forever 21 | watch necklace :: maurice's

Sometimes when things don't work out the way we want them to, they turn out beautifully.

Another training session today, which meant my sixth day of work in a row, directly after working another six day/sixty hour week. I wouldn't complain if I weren't on salary. Regardless, this also meant that I woke up late (again) and couldn't find any of the pieces that I had originally envisioned to pair with my new Broke City tank from tuc + wes, so I grabbed whatever my hand could find in the dark and yanked them on as I ran out the door. I must admit to being rather pleased with the results.

[a note to the designer]
Dear Orly,
Thank you for making a tank that simultaneously makes my waist look really skinny and my boobs amazing. You're incredible.
My co-workers are probably tired of listening to me sing the praises of Orly Shani and tuc + wes, so I'm thinking a change of venue for this chorus is in order. I've managed to keep the growing obsession to a minimum here on the blog until now, but the arrival of my Broke City tank yesterday has opened up the flood gates. I've been a huge fan of Orly's since day one of Fashion Star (in fact, her gorgeous convertible skirt design is what hooked me in the first episode and the only reason I watched the ones that came after), so naturally when she released her line of Broke City tees and tanks I picked one up immediately.

I was a bit hesitant at first - just viewing it on the website, I was a bit wary of the cut. The sides of the hem come up just a bit, it looked a bit on the short side and the shoulders are a bit wider than I typically like, but I ordered it anyway. I'm all about sartorial risks these days, especially in the name of supporting such a talented young designer as Orly.

I placed my order on Wednesday, and had it in my hands Friday morning - potentially the fastest non-rush delivery I've ever had, and for only $5 shipping I have to say that's a huge plus. It came with a note from Orly in her handwriting (though it's clearly been re-printed - I probably would have died of happiness if it had actually been signed by her). It seems like a little thing, but to me it shows a level of commitment to her following and a pride in her work that we don't see much of these days.

Just being able to look at the tank IRL allayed some of my fears, and any lingering doubts were immediately erased upon pulling it on this morning. It looks freaking incredible. This is not merely some simple black tank top - it's a work of art. In short:

The length is perfect; the tank is a bit loose and over size (perfectly so), but the cut of the hem somehow pulls in the waist and slims the torso; the shoulders are just wide enough to cover bra straps and the scoop neck shows just the right amount of cleavage. I love this top so much that I now desperately want to buy every single other tank and tee from the Broke City line - too bad I'm too broke...

I hope you guys like this tank as much as I do, because I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of it here on the blog. I've already got about a dozen ideas for styling it, and I'm secretly disappointed that rules of proper appearance and hygiene prohibit me from wearing it every day.
P.S. Orly - I think I do love wearing it as much as you enjoyed designing it.
P.P.S. On behalf of the residents of Broke City, I'd like to thank you for being so damn awesome.

what are you waiting for?
buy your own Broke City tee at

To view the rest of the photos from the Broke City shoot, check out the Broke City album on Frayed Threads' Facebook page.


Orly Shani said...

This is perfection!!! In love with the pic of you lying down.

jbooth said...

Thanks Orly!!! Your tees and tanks are perfection!

I know they're not exactly professional quality, but if you want to use anything from this post on your site, you're welcome to it :)

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