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frayed armor

Wore this lovely tribal sundress and peachy pink blazer on Tuesday; originally paired the look with some flats but switched to the pumps about halfway through the day. The number of compliments I received seemed to increase dramatically with heel height. Upon review of the photographs, I must admit that I am pleased with the substitution. These pumps do kind of make my legs look incredible.

The notebook here photographed is my new fashion sketchpad; it contains randomly collected images and half-formed ideas from my brain, the pieces I've been searching for so desperately IRL but have been unable to find. One day, I'm going to make them. One day sooner, rather than later.

This is what's left behind when a perfectly nice girl decides to say fuck being perfectly nice and takes a moment to let out her inner free spirit. Just a moment spent reveling in the freedom of the cool grass beneath her bare feet and the soft wind tousling her hair; then it's back to being perfectly nice, a prison fortress made up of blazers and pumps and ladylike jewelry with insert-trend-here-inspired pieces.

Sometimes I just get so damn sick of it.

fashion is the armor, to survive 
the reality of everyday life.
-Bill Cunningham

That's all I have for you tonight, folks. I typically try to give you more, to impart some wisdom or knowledge, but tonight... tonight there are no spare pieces to give. If I keep going, we'll likely end up with another post like this one, and I'd rather not go there again.

I'm just so tired of tearing myself to shreds for people who only give a damn when it's convenient for them. Call me selfish, but I will not resubmit myself to a process that has repeatedly only left me broken, regardless of the circumstances or the situation or the cost. If the cost is this and the gain is me, well then I'd say I've more than broke even.

puzzle pieces
tribal sundress :: maurice's
pink blazer :: forever 21 (similar here)
nude pumps :: maurice's (similar here)
sunbeam necklace :: nasty gal (find it here)
gold cuff :: charlotte russe (similar here)
straw purse :: vintage (similar here)

once more unto the breach, dear friends.


Jen_A said...

Lovely dress and blazer!! And i love this quote about fashion, it really makes sense <3

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