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bright my way

Couldn't find a red I loved to try out today - but I did fall madly in love with this crazy bright hot pink shade. It's from the same Sephora palette I mentioned yesterday, and I think it may be my new go-to cheat for days that I really don't feel like digging out my blending brushes.
Beauty Tip: The most important part about rockin' a hot lip is keeping everything else toned down and neutral - including your cheeks! Go for a sheer light pink or peach blush in a shade that pairs well with your chosen lip color.
In Fashion World News tonight, does anyone else watch NBC's Fashion Star? I'm not sure that I'm a huge fan of the show itself, but I am a huge fan of some of the designers (Orly Shani, Sarah Parrott and Nzmiro Oputa) and Jeannie Mai (one of the correspondents who does little takeaway interviews with the mentors and designers). Orly and Sarah are very real-woman-style and they've blown me away every episode (especially tonight!). I watched long enough to make sure all three made it through (which they did - YAY), and now I'm going to bed!

Do you watch Fashion Star? Who is your fave designer on the show?
#TeamOrly all the way here!!!

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