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polka dots and... neon orange?

We begin this post with a photo from my (12 minute long) commute home from work. My pitiful point-and-shoot camera just does not do my mountains justice (and yes, they are my mountains). I've mentioned how stormy it's been lately - almost every day has started out blue and pretty, but eventually turned into something akin to this. The mountains were so gorgeous tonight that I wanted to drive up there and run around in the snow... but I don't think my truck would quite make it, so alas, I'm left stuck here in valley with only the wide open internet to entertain me.

I was, however, so proud of my outfit today that I was determined to get some decent photos of it to post. I now get to babysit my nephew this weekend, but hey, it was worth it. I think. Right?

Some of you may remember the red trench I was crazy excited about getting around Thanksgiving, and the promise of photos. I finally have one for you! I have quite a coat collection, but I've hardly worn anything but this one this winter. It's warm, comfy, and beautiful. My hands in my pockets make my hips like a bit weird, but I was trying to hide my cracked, chipped nail polish from easy view of the camera. I've taken to painting my fingernails every weekend, but I was a bit of a slacker last Sunday...

I'm also wearing ear muffs in the picture. I hate when my ears get cold, but I also hate wearing hats right now because my bangs are so easily messed up (they're way too long, which seems to make screwing them up infinitely easier), so ear muffs seemed like the natural answer. Besides, they're black, and fuzzy, and the headband part is studded with big rhinestones. What's not to love?

And yeah, I wear my sunglasses at night. I picked these babies up at Charlotte Russe for $5.50 a few weeks ago, and I've been moderately obsessed with them ever since (you may remember them from previous posts such as this one about my dress). Because of my jaw shape, it's really hard for me to find big sunglasses that actually flatter my face and don't make it look like a box. These have been a rare and welcome exception, thus they are seeing as much wear as humanly possible, even when it's dark outside.

The white button down is the one I mentioned previously, as the white counterpart to my perfect button down find from Express. I'd like to reiterate what I said then, because this blouse is perfect. Normally I fidget like crazy when I wear button downs, but this one is actually comfortable. It's stretchy but still tailored looking and thus slimming, sexy, comfy and professional all at the same time.

red trench, white blouse, necklace, earrings: express; blazer, tights, sunglasses: charlotte russe; lace cami, skirt, belt, boots: maurice's; ear muffs: claire's

I put my regular glasses back on for this photo, but then my sister's cat wandered into the camera frame and my sister snapped the picture just as I looked down to shoo her away. She actually kinda make the picture, IMO. She's black, and it was pretty dark out, so it's fairly difficult to see her - as you're looking at the photo, she's in the bottom right corner. She's also a pain in my ass, btw.

It's barely visible in these photos, but I'm wearing a powder blue lace cami underneath the button down. I desperately want to acquire a hot neon orange one though - I'm not sure why, but I am obsessed with the look of polka dots and neon orange together. Orange is a fine color, but normally I cringe when I see clothes in any sort of pumpkin hue, so I don't know why it's stuck in my head so badly right now. Regardless though, I'm definitely going to have to locate one sooner rather than later.

As a side note, last night I purchased some things from one of my favorite online vintage haunts, LoveCharles Vintage. I can't wait till my new/old things get here! One of the items is a skirt I've been eyeing for years, another is a beaded clutch that I'm pretty sure will be perfect for my dress, and the other two are both items from my wish list. PLUS, everything in her store is 20% off right now (use the code "winterblues"), so I got a nice discount on stuff I wanted to buy anyway. Make sure you check her out her Etsy store, and her lovely blog! And I'll post photos of my stuff as soon as I get it :)


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