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holiday gift guide:
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What does a Ramen Monster have to do with a mommy gift guide, you ask? Nothing - but if that noodle beard doesn't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what will.

Most of us probably have a mom somewhere on our holiday shopping list, and while what she really wants is a month-long cruise (sans dirty diapers and grocery shopping), that's probably out of the question for most of us. Cruise aside, the best gift to get any mom is something thoughtful, something that shows you know her well - but if you're still struggling, try this gift guide for some inspiration.

totin' around
A busy mom can always use a good tote, and these beauties are as stylish and gorgeous as they come. Mom isn't usually likely to splurge on herself, so it's up to you; the best totes are big enough for whatever piece of tech she likes to carry around (iPad, tablet or laptop), have plenty of pockets and a classic, structured shape. Pick a beautiful, seasonally appropriate shade like burgundy or a more classic hue, like black or camel. Risk-takers can opt for a cool print, like leopard or a watercolor, but try to avoid intense, bright colors (like electric yellow or lime green) as they're not nearly as versatile.

The best thing about a bag? It's always her size.

the most stylish office ever
aka lots of kate spade stuff
A solid organizational system is key to a mom's sanity, but we moms so rarely have time to be organized. Help her turn that around in 2016 by investing in a planner and/or matching notebooks, lists and organizers on her behalf - believe me, she'll be grateful for any of these stunning Kate Spade New York pieces (although she'll probably forget - blame it on #mombrain).

mom time
Keep her running on time in style with a beautiful watch, like these stunning timepieces, or check out local fave ARVO. Leather bands in black or camel are very in this year, though a classic gold in a men's inspired shape never goes out of style. She might still be late, but at least it'll be fashionably.

Hint: Check your mom's jewelry box - does she own more silver or gold? Or rose gold, or brass, or gun metal? Pick a watch that matches her preferred metal tone, and you'll score extra holiday brownie points.

cool toys
My mom once had to call me to find out how to save a document in Microsoft Word. Her justification for asking Santa for a spiffy new tab? She likes the pictures on the Mahjongg tiles to be crystal clear. Whether your mom is a full on techie or has never even heard of Google, she'll certainly appreciate some sharp new gear under her Christmas tree this year - just make sure you show her where the Mayday button is first.

get sentimental
If you really want to give a gift that will leave a lasting impression, opt for something sentimental. Every mom loves a gift that she can cherish for years to come - it basically turns into a constant reminder that you love her, even if you don't take her advice. Go the digital route and opt for a frame that will slideshow through her favorite photos, or do it the traditional way and use printed photos (just don't forget to get the photos; a family session with a professional photographer would be a perfect companion to this gift). You can also try personalized pieces, like calendars and other items from Shutterfly (I'm getting my mom a 12x12 wall calendar featuring her crazy grandkids; leave me your name and email and I'll send you a special offer from Shutterfly!).

What are you getting your mom for Christmas? Any tips or ideas to share with the rest of us? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to swing by and enter the #MandKrelaunch giveaway!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a small commission if you click on and purchase any of the Amazon products featured in this article.

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