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3 moving hacks for new Utah home owners

My life has been more than a little crazy recently - in the last month, I've moved, started a new job (while maintaining my part-time position and working on my own freelance projects) and began the intensely emotional issue of custody negotiations. Needless to say, the last few weeks have been pretty overwhelming. On top of the mental strain of the latter two issues, the physical and emotional drain from moving has been pretty intense - which is why I found this moving guide by Alecsy Christensen and Extra Space Storage so incredibly helpful. Check it out below, and be sure to leave your own tips for moving and packing in the comments!

3 Moving Hacks for New Utah Home Owners

1. Pack your Moving Truck Like an Expert

When you are moving valuable household items in a moving truck, it is important to know how to pack them so everything is transferred to your house with ease and nothing gets broken or damaged. The trick to packing your moving truck is to put all the valuables in the cab with you, your heavy appliances close to the cab (appliances like the washer, refrigerator, and dryer), Put your more heavy boxes in the middle area of the cargo, put your longer items (like your mattress and sofa) against the walls of the cargo area, and put your items with draws like desks and dressers against your mattress so that none of the drawers fall out. Then you can use all of your smaller items to fill in the spaces so everything is compact, almost like a tetris game.

2. Take Advantage of the Many Uses of Saran Wrap

Saran wrap can be used for many things for moving, and the more you have of it, the merrier. You can use it to cover the tops of your drawers when packing so nothing falls out, wrap all the handles of your shovels, brooms, mops, etc together to bundle them together for easy packing, saran wrap a blanket around your furniture to make sure it does not get dented in the move, and more. The more saran wrap, the easier the move!

3. Consult the Experts: Familiarize Yourself with a Credited Moving Guide

Before launching into the big process of moving it is always good to get an experts advice on what the best moving strategies are to make sure your belongings get organized, transported, and setup efficiently and without any mishaps. Check out this moving guide from Extra Space Storage that was developed to help with the ins and outs of moving, some of which you might not even know about!


Eley said...

Wonderful pieces of advice! They'll come in handy because I'm moving in a couple of months.

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