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fall mood board

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A collection of images that adorn my Fall Mood Board collection on Pinterest... can you tell I'm a little excited for fall?

The last few weeks have been spent scouring the internet from my death bed in search of The Perfect Dress for tonight's Art Meets Fashion event at the Red Butte Gardens. I developed a pretty intense cold a few weeks ago, and I just can't seem to shake it. Between the hours spent hunting through various stores and shops in the evenings following work and the long nights researching on the web, I've had little energy left for anything else.

I finally found The One in a store at City Creek that I've never been in before - Love Culture. It seems a bit similar to Forever 21, but with a different vibe. Very trendy and low-cost, but I feel like their racks are less Utah influenced and I love that.

Party starts soon, though, so it's time for me to go put on that dress. Expect photos tomorrow, but I hope to see you there! Tickets are $50 and will be available at the door, though you can also buy them online through TicketCake. A fashion show, art exhibit, wine tasting, amazing food plus a fundraiser to support Red Butte's new Water Conservation Garden campaign? I'm so there.


Street Fashion Paris said...

Love those photos!!! so pretty!!! xxx

Emily said...

Love these photos! Especially the first one. Just gorgeous.

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Varuna Jithesh said...

Nice looking outfit.

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