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get the look: abbey lee kershaw for vogue russia

blackened summer

in polyvore set

the inspiration
Upon viewing this dominatrix inspired editorial featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw on Fashion Gone Rogue, I immediately decided two things: 1) that I need a subscription to Vogue Russia; and 2) that I must create a way I can wear this look immediately, summer be damned. I've been staring at this photo, seated next to my Polyvore editor on my screen for nigh on a week now, wracking my brain and tearing through my virtual closet, tweaking and perfecting my vision of this look. View the full editorial here (warning: so NSFW); witness below the fruits of aforementioned brain wracking. Click on the links throughout for Broke City alternatives to those photographed.

Note: You can also find the picture book version of this post on Pinterest, but there's a prize at the bottom of this post for those of you who get there.

the top
The sheer blouse is perhaps the one nod contained herein to summer trends; however, nipple/bra baring may not be office appropriate for most of us. Thus, I recommend a matching black camisole beneath your sheer top, or simply opt for a solid black button down (extra points for one with sheer sleeves). Sleeveless is a great choice for summer; you can also roll longer sleeves for a more summer friendly but still conservative look.

the trousers
Wide leg trousers are also having a moment, but we've been seeing them in bright, happy colors this season. Conform to the trends by wearing something in coral or teal, or make a bold, anti-summer statement with some black satin ones. Whatever you choose, make sure your blouse is fitted and tucked in, with a cinched waist, to balance the elephant inspired trousers.

the belt
Speaking of a cinched waist, unless you're a professional dominatrix, the leather and chain harness and restraint cuffs might not be appropriate office wear. Instead, opt for a wide, black leather belt with studs; or, be a bit more daring and wear a studded skinny belt and a chain over the wide leather one.

the adornment
A studded leather wrist wrap is all the adornment you'll need with this look (although I wouldn't argue with you if you wanted to add a huge cocktail ring too). Remember to keep your proportions in check and destination in mind when selecting said wrist wrap - if you're going sleeveless, you can choose a wider cuff, but if you are planning to cuff your sleeves at the elbow, I'd suggest choosing something a bit skinnier that covers a maximum of three inches of your wrist.. For the office, stop there; if you're going elsewhere and have a bit leeway, you may want to add a chain bracelet.

If, like me, you love to make conflicting statements, you could let just a tiny bit of vulnerability leak through this powerful ensemble - think a tiny, delicate necklace with some meaning behind it, such as your grandmother's cross or a locket from your lover. And if no one's given you something that fits this RX? Well, that's okay - buy one for yourself and make something up. It's what I'd do.

Don't be afraid to mix some metals, either - pewter with bright gold, shiny silver with burnished brass, black hematite with rose gold - this look is all about expressing the grown-up version of your rebellious self. Wear accessories that empower you, regardless of whether or not they match. In fact, the more they clash, the better.

the shoes & the bag
You could continue the studs and black leather routine through your heels and bag for a complete don't fuck with me vibe, or you could use these two key pieces to add some unexpected colors or textures to your look. I might go for a lace clutch, slipped inside a suede tote for day. You'll want to avoid anything with a pointy toe due the the wide legs, but you'll certainly need some killer heels with these trousers. They'll likely remain mostly unseen throughout the day, so why not opt for a pair of pumps in hot pink or cobalt blue? The flashes of color that occasionally peep out from beneath the wide hems will bring a knowing smile to your face at random moments and in boring meetings, adding an air of mystery that others can only dream of penetrating.

the toppers
I'm oddly obsessed with the idea of a black tassel with this ensemble, so I'm in favor of attaching one to a chic post-Memorial Day white blazer for a crisp, profesh look. Add some retro cat eye shades, and you're summer mystique, personified - just like a corporation, only much sexier.

Not a blazer gal? Add a black tassel in the form of a key chain. Expect something similar to pop up in the shop later this week, for a much nicer price.

your prize for reading this entire post
Photos of my own interpretation will be posted sometime this week, as well versions of some of the other looks from this editorial. Let me know if you do something similar - leave a link to your version (IRL outfit photos, Polyvore or Pinterest submissions are all acceptable) in the comments and I might just post it here on the blog for everyone else to see too. Oh - and the person with the best set wins a set of custom arm swag from 2bravegirls*. How cool is that?

Note: If your Polyvore set looks too cluttered, there's a good chance your outfit does, too.
Photo 1: via fashion gone rogue
Photo 2: Polyvore set, artfully arranged by myself
*Contest Deets: Entrants must follow this blog to be eligible to win. Submissions must be posted in comments within seven days of this post (by 11:59pm Monday, June 4th). Submissions will be judged by myself and my guest judge, Ewok. Two entries allowed per person, but must have at least three individual entrants in order for prize to be awarded.

Find the picture book version of this post on Pinterest, and don't forget to enter my giveaway from 2bravegirls before you go.

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