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the answer is 42

a few images from my Pinterest board, The Answer is 42. check out the list here & the picture version here.
click on the image to see the orignal source (if available).

I love Saturdays - the morning was spent sleeping in too late, and the afternoon wasted on Pinterest. I've created a new collection of visual inspiration to accompany my 42 list; I've recently realized that dreams don't do me any good if I'm not working to achieve them. To that end, I've spent some time re-evaluating my life and weeding out habits (and people) which no longer hold a positive influence for me. The Answer is 42 may look like a bucket list upon first glance, but it is by no means a traditional one; most of the items are character oriented and personality quirks. The Pinterest board is another form of motivation to work towards those changes and achieve my goals.

Halloween is Samhain to the Celts - the death of the old year and birth of a new. 
This year is going to be a very different one for me.

Sometimes I feel like I say that so often that it's lost its meaning... But I've come to the realization that if things don't change now, they never will, and I refuse to let this be my life forever. I refuse to spend my life working for someone else's dream.

In addition to the new blog design, a new month means a new list of adventures to have. I know it's a bit late, but that just means packing more into the weeks I have left. I only made it about halfway through September's list, so I've pulled a few things across and added some items from my List of Epic Shit To Do. I find that I generally enjoy life more when I have some kind of a social life - even if it's by myself.

On that note, I'm excited to be attending the premiere of the Utah Opera's performance of Verdi's Il Trovatore at the Capitol Theatre tonight. They were kind enough to invite me to opening night, and although I have been to the symphony (when I was much, much younger), I've never had the opportunity to see an opera performance and I am so excited/honored to be going. I realize this is Utah, and red carpet events (yes, there's even a red carpet!) may lack the pomp and circumstance of other, more exciting locales, but there is something undeniably glamorous and deeply intriguing about opera and the symphony and theatre. I've already found the perfect dress and accompanying accessories, and I've been doing some research so I don't look like a complete n00b when attempting to discuss the performance with other guests - pretty much the only thing that could make this any cooler would be arriving in a limo... or if one of my awesome friends/readers wanted to purchase tickets and join me.

1. Attend the opera.
2. Ride a rollar coaster/ferris wheel/other awesome amusement park ride.
3. Get my filing done (not really epic unless you know how backed up it is...).
4. Have a glass of (really good) wine.
5. Celebrate one year.
6. Rock some awesomely bold lipstick.
7. Go stargazing.
8. Take myself out to dinner at an awesome restaurant. (Would love some recommendations!)
9. Hit 120 blog followers (currently: GFC=81; Bloglovin'=25; total=106).
10. Go for a walk.
11. Go to a haunted house.
12. Write something every day.
13. Finish something.

What are your plans for October?
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