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rocky peaks

It's been a rough week. But the weekend is starting to look better :)

I'm trying to get moved into another place (out of Brent's - I adore him but I can't live with him... I need space!), and I found a place that I really like, but I'm terrified that I won't pass a credit check. I've had retail therapy issues pretty much since I turned 18, and my credit is pretty screwed up. I'm trying to get things fixed, but in the mean time it makes things like this next to impossible. That, combined with a few other things that happened this week, have really brought me down. I haven't been able to eat much all week because of the massive amounts of anxiety I've been feeling, and I've started losing weight because of it. Not that I'm complaining about it, but I know that this isn't the healthiest way for me to lose weight...

It's also the end of the term at school, so things have been crazy there - trying to get grades done on top of starting a new math curriculum this week has made everything a bit hectic. Plus, the kids seem to have a bad case of spring fever (most of the teachers, too!), so they're going a bit nutty. But they're still cute :)

I'm afraid I might jinx myself, but despite the apartment stress, things seem to be evening out in other areas of my life. Keep your fingers crossed for me on getting the apartment though!

We're going for massages here in a bit, then we're having some friends over for the UFC fights. I'm not a huge fan of them, but Brent loves them, and it's usually a huge social event for his group. So I endure it every couple of weeks, and after a massage, I'm sure it will be easier :)

I haven't had a chance to photograph any of my new outfits, but hopefully I'll get some done tonight - definitely tomorrow. I'll post them asap - and in the mean time, if you'd like to come endure the fights with me, text me!


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