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in review: skullcandy fix headphones

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So I've mentioned my new SkullCandy Fix headphones once or twice, but I don't think I've fully understood just how badass they are until this moment - I'm sitting in the living room at my house, while my mother and brother simultaneously run the vacuum and drill less than ten feet away from me... and I had no idea what they were doing until the song on my YouTube playlist switched.

Now, I've said before that I am by no means an expert on audiowave technology, but my laptop is currently at less than half volume (more like one-third), and when the music is playing, I can't hear a damn thing outside of these blissful earbuds. Even when they're silent, they block enough noise that everything else is sufficiently muffled so as not to be too distracting as I type. On top of that, they're also surprisingly effective at keeping the noise in - meaning that my mom isn't complaining about the damage I'm doing to my ear drums because she can hear my music halfway across the room.

I don't typically like in-ear headphones - they tend to pop out of my ears (I have tiny ear canals) and I hate the way they feel wedged down in there. I wasn't loving on these babies until I got wise enough to switch the rubber ear piece for the smallest set in the package (it comes with a large, medium and small set), and now you couldn't pry them out of my ears if you tried. Perfect for drowning out real world distractions as I write, they're the newest and most valuable tool in my blogging kit. While nothing surpasses SkullCandy's Aviators in eargasmic sound transmission, the Fix in-ear headphones are definitely a more budget- and travel-friendly alternative.

SkullCandy markets the Fix line in two distinct styles: the lower cost alternative is a traditional earbud priced at $39.95, with a slightly higher-end in-ear design coming in at $69.95 (prices via While I'm sure the earbud is fantastic (let's face it - SkullCandy knows how to work the acoustic plane), I definitely recommend opting for the in-ear model. The design puts it more in line with your ear canal for optimal sound transmission, and the unique ear piece architecture + multiple rubber ear piece sizes mean that it's less likely to fall out (perfect for late night walks in the rain, but also more normal things like weekend hikes or working out at the gym).

In addition to the extra sizes of rubber ear pieces, the Fix in-ear headphones also come fully equipped with independent volume control and a mic, adding ultra functionality to their sleek look. The external packaging itself is pretty spiff, but - alas - not very purse friendly... which is probably why they also included a hard-but-snazzy black carry case for stashing and protecting them on-the-go.

And the best part? They come in lots of pretty colors! I'm currently rocking the red/chrome mix, but the in-ear design is also available in orange/grey, black/chrome and white/chrome, while the earbuds come in seven shades of stylishness. Find them all, plus the rest of SkullCandy's eargasmic selection, @

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Disclosure: Although this is not a sponsored post and is in no way affiliated with SkullCandy, these phenomenal earbuds were a gift from The Boy, who works at SkullCandy.


Anonymous said...

Interesting take on the Skullcandy Fix..I have just purchased the orange/grey version and waiting in anticipation...:) I hope I have found the one!

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